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Autumn tour starts in Chongqing

All set for an eight weeks' tour of China, taking in places I have yet to visit, catching up with friends, and exploring performance opportunities. I'll probably keep to the western side of the country, but will be open to the idea of heading east should anything interesting manifest. I'm always open to offers/advice/information.

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国家记忆 - I am cast as General Merrill

In February I went to Ruili by the Burmese border in Yunnan to play the part of General Merrill (梅利尔) in the television series 国家记忆 (Memoirs of the Nation). Shooting finished at the end of March. The series, which has forty episodes, is due to be broadcast early next year . Zhang Fengyi 张丰毅 stars in this production.

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Blog: Thursday, Dec 29


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翻译成普通话的披头士歌 '黄色潜水艇' - 'Yellow Submarine' in Chinese

I made this translation into Chinese of a famous Beatles song on the one hand to help people pronounce Mandarin, and on the other to bring an appreciation of the songs of the Beatles to Chinese people.

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New live music venue

Back in London following my September visit to Yunnan, south China and Hong Kong, I am widening my sphere of activity and will be performing a song or three in the Dignity pub in Finchley Central tonight. Here a photo of me in a park in Yunnan with some little girls who quizzed me on how to help the environment for their school project.

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我弹吉他唱 'Hotel California'.

  今年每个星期四音乐家来在我故乡的一所酒吧里面弹吉他唱歌。我朋友摄影每首歌,然后出版在网络上。今天我要绩续给您位看我在那酒吧里面表演的几首。这首歌叫'加州旅馆'。This year every thursday musicians come to a pub in my hometown to play guitar and sing songs. My friend films each song, then publishes them on the web. Today I want to continue giving you a chance to view the songs I have performed in that pub.  This one is called 'Hotel California'.

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家庭有赢奥斯卡金像奖的! Oscar winner in the family !



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摄歌在我北伦敦故乡 Filming songs in my hometown north of London

  自从几个礼拜以前从香港到伦敦回来了,每个星期四晚上在我故乡的一所酒吧里面,包括我当中几个音乐家表演。我的朋友摄影,我就希望快可以在网站上出版英语和汉语在一起形式的披头士写作的歌‘黄色潜水艇’。Since my return from HK to London a few weeks ago, I have joined the roster of musicians who perform on thursday evenings at the Alexandra pub in High Barnet. My friend John has been videoing the performances. I hope to get my mixed Chinese and English version of 'Yellow Submarine' posted on-line in the next few days.

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