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Glenn Davis Doctor G

I Love My Wife Maria Davis

Diane yn llwfrgi, letch, gelwyddgi ac mae wedi colli popeth am byth. Nid wyf yn hoffi i chi byth eto.

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Not Changing Name

BREAKING NEWS: After giving it a long think, Superstar Glenn Davis Doctor G has decided not to change his name. "I have been in touch with Snoop Cougar The Artist Formerly Known As Pretentious, and after being reborn infinite times, I will NOT be changing my name to GoD (Glenn or Davis) because there are already enough confused people that walk the earth" said Davis in an official press release the first day of August 2012.

-Maria Davis, Wife and Manager of Glenn Davis Doctor G

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The Beatles

Enough, or maybe not. Sleep tight and enjoy each day LOL

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Blue Jay Recording Studio

The Jay is still for sale. More HERE and THERE.

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

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