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A record historic of the city of Barcelona, the highest temperature recorded since 2003, on August 28, 2010, with a temperature of 37'8 ° C

I like meteorology from the 6 years, game to the chess, likes to read, to practice martial arts,listen to music, to write, to make photos.... This is my other page, I can not go, so I created this new one.

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Relationship single
Languages Spoken english, spanish
Location Spain
City Other Barcelona
Favorite Music laura pausini, phil collins, michael jackson, brian adams....
Favorite Tv Shows supernatural, the A team, charmed, walker...
Favorite Movies action, funny, romantic...
Favorite Books books of Meteorology of Alfred rodriguez picó, mariano medina, mario picazo...
Favorite Faves My best meteorologyts Alfred rodriguez Picó
English Name miriam herraiz
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Introduction to my book of meteorology

I once read a book that said "We all live under the same sky but none have the same horizon. "And it's true because maybe it is raining in Huesca, but in Barcelona makes a splendid sun.

There is lots of technology and computers have greatly improved weather forecasting, but what many people do not understand is that you never reach 100% reliability.

I am not a professional meteorologist, I'm just a fan again, and I learned many things in my way, enjoying every day on this world of nature, pointing my daily predictions, looking at the sky, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, especially when speak on the subject to people nearby, I express my feelings, or for example now writing because it is a passion that will always keep.

The best thing that ever happened to me is getting to know my biggest idol of the weather, Alfred Rodríguez Picó, which besides being a great meteorologist, is a great person, is doing a program every Thursday and I'm there on my TV see and learn new things, he can transmit feelings that , I get to the heart causes can have even more passion. He's like my teacher and I really enjoy.

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Please, if anyone knows anything about this girl, write me!


My friend Sheylla not know anything about her since the earthquake ... She is of Peru but lifes in Japan in the city of Ota in the Gumma Prefecture.

If you know this girl, please write me I'd appreciate it.

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My first experience Stormchaser

Here I tell my first experience as a Stormchaser

I could not take pictures because it rained heavily, and was accompanied by strong winds, we were on the beach, in a kind of refuge, but at 12 the night the storm came, and the other guys, the wind and rain intensified was a small esclafit the esclafit is similar to the tornado, but without being so, are strong winds, we had to leave the car because we were also in the wrong place, the shelter that had iron and an antenna, and that attracts the rays.So we left the beach and went to another, we stayed in the car because the rain was really intense, but at the beach, had buildings involved, and we saw nothing, so we went to the best of the 3 beaches where more rain, we stayed in the car watching the show, but there were not many rays, but those who fell were considerable, lightning struck very close to us and it was the light of a building, and the streetlights. And then, we all went home.


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Clash of air masses!

Well, briefly explain what will happen tomorrow's storms:

You see, there is a cold air mass in the Atlantic, which has now come to Galicia and Portugal leaving heavy rains, that on the one hand, the temperatures are lower in the middle of Spain. In the other half of Spain, is a warm air mass, from Africa, I have in Catalunya, tomorrow the rains will come from the Atlantic crossing the peninsula, and up to Catalunya in the evening. And what happens? It will be a small storm in the Mediterranean, this will bring a Catalunya humidity and winds from the east, the sea temperature is warm,all this at the collision between air masses can form this kind of strong or severe storms.In the second map, you see an A, this is an anticyclone that is located there, and acts as a barrier, that means the cold air mass is forced to go to Spain.


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In Barcelona tornados!!!!

I have been informed that tomorrow night may fall between 250-300 liters! Buff! all accompanied by thunderstorms and tornadoes! This will be history, folks! unforgettable!

I go to the beach to pursue possible tornadoes! If I can take pictures to lightning and tornadoes, will be published here.

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miriam herraiz


A record historic of the city of Barcelona, the highest temperature recorded since 2003, on August 28, 2010, with a temperature of 37'8 ° C ...Read more

English Name miriam herraiz
Location Spain
Profile Views 6,285
Favorite Faves My best meteorologyts Alfred rodriguez Picó