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Brief explanation weather.

I hope you understand, I will explain my way what might happen on Tuesday in France and Catalunya.I have a very warm air mass that comes from Africa, across the Atlantic comes a very cold air mass, what will happen? Well, the maps have changed, and now make a Mediterranean frontal system will be placed on the Balearic ...Islands, auque also relies heavily on movement, is very important to know where to affect the rain, now no longer affects both Barcelona, but France itself.These two mass collide, and the frontal system that forms in the Mediterranean and the hot water will be perfect to be able to make this type of severe storms scheduled for Tuesday. Everything you see, it is still early to know if it will affect to Barcelona, and I hope and pray that if I touch myself.

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A record historic of the city of Barcelona, the highest temperature recorded since 2003, on August 28, 2010, with a temperature of 37'8 ° C


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August 6, 2010