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Introduction to my book of meteorology

I once read a book that said "We all live under the same sky but none have the same horizon. "And it's true because maybe it is raining in Huesca, but in Barcelona makes a splendid sun.

There is lots of technology and computers have greatly improved weather forecasting, but what many people do not u...Read more

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Please, if anyone knows anything about this girl, write me!


My friend Sheylla not know anything about her since the earthquake ... She is of Peru but lifes in Japan in the city of Ota in the Gumma Prefecture.

If you know this girl, please write me I'd appreciate it.

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My first experience Stormchaser

Here I tell my first experience as a Stormchaser

I could not take pictures because it rained heavily, and was accompanied by strong winds, we were on the beach, in a kind of refuge, but at 12 the night the storm came, and the other guys, the wind and rain intensified was a small esclafit the esclafit is similar to the t...Read more

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Clash of air masses!

Well, briefly explain what will happen tomorrow's storms:

You see, there is a cold air mass in the Atlantic, which has now come to Ga...Read more

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In Barcelona tornados!!!!

I have been informed that tomorrow night may fall between 250-300 liters! Buff! all accompanied by thunderstorms and tornadoes! This will be history, folks! unforgettable!

I go to the beach to pursue possible tornadoes! If I can take pictures to lightning and tornadoes, will be published here.

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Brief explanation weather.

I hope you understand, I will explain my way what might happen on Tuesday in France and Catalunya.I have a very warm air mass that comes from Africa, across the Atlantic comes a very cold air mass, what will happen? Well, the maps have changed, and now make a Mediterranean frontal system will be placed on the Balearic ...Islands, auque also relies heavily on movement, is very importa...Read more

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Weather forecast for Europe

On the map I drew the monster may affect France on Tuesday, Catalunya also be affected, but less, or so say the maps today, this situation will have to keep looking, if there is anyone around that area, be careful!

The monster, goes to Italy on Wednesday. I have redrawn the area who may be affected, care to Italy too!

...Read more
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Blog: Thursday, Sep 2

 The path of Hurricane Earl, category 4, behind him are two more:

Beware! If you are in the area of Florida or North or South Calorina , or Virginia, there is a monster, a hurricane that is now in the Atlantic, tracking maps, places that will not come in, but you never know, places that has a track record for New York an ...d into Cana...Read more

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Weather forecasting, doing science fiction!

You see, the explanation is very interesting, this monster that is in the Atlantic, is required to enter France and Spain, first affecting the area of Galicia, why is required? Very easy, because there is an anticyclone across the region of Germany, close, and comes also in the area of Italy. (All this on day 6).

The An ...ticiclone of the Azores , is back a little and passes the monster, and as I said before, start slowly first affect the whole area of Spain until finally reaching a Catalunya, to me. The m...Read more

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record historic

A record historic of the city of Barcelona, the highest temperature recorded since 2003, on August 28, 2010, with a temperature of 37'8 ° C

This warm air mass from Africa, also affected a large part of Spain, the most affected cities in the south of Spain where temperatures reach over 40 º C, in the Mediterranean we maximum 37 º C,...Read more

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A record historic of the city of Barcelona, the highest temperature recorded since 2003, on August 28, 2010, with a temperature of 37'8 ° C


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August 6, 2010