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1st U.S. music video, NEVER SAY NEVER coming soon!!

Hey everyone! So the time has come.....my music video for NEVER SAY NEVER is almost here. We are releasing in 2 weeks! Very excited because the reviews have been outstanding, and it's a feel-good motivational, inspirational song suited for all ages - especially kids and teens! Here's a teaser reel so far. I hope you like!! Feel free to leave a comment on the Youtube page. Be ready for the official release in 2 weeks- and if you reside in LA, you can come to my performance at the biggest Asian Americ...Read more

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Behind the Scenes of my 2013 Calendar - Slickforce Studios

Wow....it's been a long time since I posted! Sorry I've been gone for awhile, but your girl is back....better than ever! I recently shot my 2013 Calendar by Slickforce Studios (the photography team behind the Kardashian brand) - this is only part 1 of 2 videos, but please enjoy!  I'll keep you posted for when we release the calendar, probably in the summer of this year.Also, in better news, I just wrapped production on my first U.S. music video single, directed by Patricio Ginelsa (Black ...Read more

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ALOHA to Gina's friends & family - we have a lot of exciting news!! *WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE: GINA HIRAIZUMI 2010 CALENDAR photographed exclusively in the beautiful islands of HawaiiRead more

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My Dodgers Stadium Performance (followed by Pau Gasol special - of LA Lakers)

June 26, 2009 Singing the National Anthem for the LA Dodgers vs. Seattle Marinersfor Japanese-American Celebration Night,followed by Pau Gasol special (of the LA Lakers) Sorry there's a lot of static - it was hard to hear/sing past all the stadium noise,we couldn't fix the audio, but oh well Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QSAAZdHUAs

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LOVING YOU is easy cause you're beautiful.....

I demo'd a cover of Minnie Riperton's LOVING YOU....on a whim, cuz I felt like it....lol Getting ready to start recording my upcoming Hawaiian record, and gathering a wholebunch of material to bring to my producers. I love this song though, it's been afavorite of mine for a long time....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uyce-8XE4M

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Pampering myself

I truly believe it is important, borderline necessary for women to take care of themselves. That not only includes their basic hygiene, but also the girly things some might call "pampering."  Me- I call it "necessary."  Especially in Japan, women invest so much time into their looks.  You'd think it's more in America, but trust me everyone...Tokyo wins it by far.  No complaints here though, it gives a valid excuse to justify without guilt.  I love luxury and I don't apologize for it.  I work hard and I can aff...Read more

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Last week of free time!

Lately, I've been in meetings after meetings. It's good to be busy- but sometimes a girl deserves some leisure time, right?  Well, since my recording schedule for my next 2 songs are set, I realized it is my last week of free time....so why not take advantage of it?  I went shopping and bought myself a cute hat at D&G at Takashimaya. I treat myself to way too many things... Read more

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Konichiwa from Tokyo, Japan

Hello, Konichiwa, and Aloha everyone!! Thanks for visiting my alivenotdead.com site. For those that have been following me,I have been doing my thing in LA, trained in NY for awhile, and now I am based in Tokyo, Japan pursuing my singing career. It's only been about a month since my move, but I love it here!I spent New Years here and it was like no other. I think Japanese people know how to party it up better than us boring Americans. haha, kidding. In any case, this is the start of a brand new life and I welcome you to join m...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Jan 9

Sorry for the delay, but we finally got this together. On 8/1/08, I hosted a charity show in Minnesota for an Asian-American Charity called, "Project Inspired/Model Me Mary" for my dear friend, Mary Ly & the National Bone Marrow Program. Mary is a cancer survivor, and is one of the strongest women that I know today. She has endured so much at a young age, but her optimistic spirit and her faith in God pulled her through some of the most traumatic times of her life. I met Mary in LA when she was in my music video for "Un...Read more

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