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  • On air now: ‘Déjà Vu, Season 2’ - France and Europe
    Extended till May 2010! : Singing at Holiday Inn Atrium - Singapore
    Just added to Music Playlist: 1 Original (A Little Prayer For Me) and 1 cover (Blue Moon)

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  • A Little Prayer For Me - March 12th on 9.38FM

    Monday, Feb 22, 2010 1:01AM / Video / Music

    My contract with the Holiday Inn Atrium has been extended! Originally meant to be a 2 month gig ending in February, I will now be singing there till end of May 2010. Lovely people there!

    Here is an original song about learning to see the truth from the wishfulness. Accepting, growing up and moving on. Will be part of my production in May 2010 "Stand Up And Sing!". More on that later.

    Special thanks to Kevin Foo and Nigel Tan of Loft Studios. To EZ for helping me print the lyrics! :-)

    Thanks also to the ones who have broken my heart for this song now has a voice.

    This song will debut on 9.38 Live FM, Singapore on March 12th 2010, Friday, after Bharati's short radio interview with Gillian Tan under "Passion People". That should be around 2:10pm.

    website: http://jilly.co.nr
    © Gillian Tan, 2009


  • Hong Kong 14th to 18th

    Thursday, Dec 10, 2009 2:01AM / Standard Entry

    Been too tardy and not updated this is so long. I am sorry everyone! Please feel free to visit http://jilly.co.nr or youtube.com/gillianmegan for some updates of my recent work.

    If anyone is in HK and would like to explore ideas and possibilities of working together, drop me an email now! :-)

    I just created a music playlist called "Gillian Sings". Hope you like it!


  • What have I been up to?

    Sunday, May 10, 2009 1:10PM / Standard Entry

    Now I have been busy. So I apologise for the delay in updating my blog.

    April 2009: I have been modeling a lot and acting in corporate videos. I've also been singing at weddings.

    March 28th 2009: I emcee'd and sang two original songs for Earth Hour!

    March 13-15th: I was acting in the Living Courthouse. Shows were every half hour from 10:30am to 6pm and lots of fun. I learnt a lot about the legal system here!

    Feb 2009: Besides singing and hosting at weddings and events, I've been hosting and filming some short films.

    Most recent TV appearances : "Perfect Cut" - March 2009, on Channel U. It was a fun learning experience where I rehearsed my mandarin and got some words perfected. So I am a little more confident in mandarin now.

    But the last month or so was not filled with work. I was writing lots of songs and been working on a script. I'll be filming in Vietnam for a French TV drama soon. I'll update again real soon.

    It's Mother's Day and I'm cooking Quinoa for her. Not that I'm a great chef but I'll try. I have a backup gift if it goes horribly wrong. Wish me luck!


  • Reviews : Starfish in Rainbow Fish

    Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009 10:12AM / Standard Entry

    I had a splash performing as the bright Starfish in the 61 sold-out shows of the musical, "Rainbow Fish" in Singapore in September 2008. Every single member of the audience matters dearly to me. So I was very pleasantly surprised and blushingly grateful when my dear brothers found these candid reviews online (it's funny cos they always make fun of me and my work!) : "He was concentrating on what is happening on-stage and smiled occassionally when he spotted the starfish. It seemed to be his favourite as he kept asking me where the starfish went as it goes offstage." - House of Ang
    "Halfway thru the show she turned to me and said her fav was the starfish" - Sophie, Ailing & James "She was fascinated by the colourful sea creatures especially the starfish" - Clarice, Mommy & Daddy Such sweet, kind and encouraging words. It's merely my job which I love. And it helps put to rest any self doubt which might have risen during the production. I think we actors need to trust ourselves more... :-)

    All blog quotes and links are published here with kind permission from the blog owners. Thank You all once again!


  • Happy New Year!

    Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009 10:03AM / Standard Entry

    Happy New Year to everyone! So how did you spend the last night of 2008 before ushering in the new year? Well, I had a swell time ringing in the new year with the revellers at the Verandah's Hats & Caps Countdown Party at the British Club, Singapore. As the mistress of ceremony (emcee), it was my privilege to welcome everyone with some warm-ups and led the children through some exciting games. The adults were such good sports as well. The best hat segments brought on a lot of cheers and laughter, especially with the adults showing off their fancy catwalks! All the staff, including the DJ and chefs, were in delightfully good spirits as they served and danced all night. The countdown on the dance floor was unforgettably and unmistakably fabulous! Ultimately, it was a lovely delicious fun-filled night by the pool for the entire family and I am very grateful to have shared that experience. Once again, Happy 2009!


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