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Happy mother's day to all mothers, grandmothers, guardians and nurturers! https://www.instagram.com/p/BFHPCk-JIjX/

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In a past life, in Los Angeles, I co-hosted with a rabbit.

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Lee Lin Chin is rather hilarious! Well, I think so. 😜

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One of my favourite songs. I obviously shouldn't sing this at weddings (although there might be exes in the ballroom). So I take the opportunity to do so at other performances...

Like the i light Marina Bay festival, on the stage at Marina Bay Sands.

With the talented Sebastian Ho. Video by Karen Ho.

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I was very fortunate that a friend invited me into the beautifully woven and painfully layered universe that the Finger Players created. There's still time to catch Inheritance. Till 17th April.

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Thought of this after watching Game of Desks (again)... happy weekend to all!

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Thanks to Elias for this video of our jazz performance at i light Marina Bay. :) On a completely unrelated note, I watched the 2nd episode of Rick and Morty, and it made me cry. So sweet of Snuffles. Uh, I mean, Snowball.

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I have always loved Fringe. But only now do I have the time to savour each episode fully. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you give it a go. 😃

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I could not resist. And yes this is the kind of post I am actually proud of. 😜

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March 19th 2016, around 9pm: Jazz performance with Sebastian Ho for i light Marina Bay at Marina Bay Sands. Thanks to friends (that's Karen in the photo!) and family who came to listen. Grateful, happy, and tired at the end of a long day of shows. Well worth it... Oh, and thanks to Sephora for allowing me 5 minutes to sample your eye shadows and lipsticks so as to transform from evil stepsister to um... not so evil jazz singer.

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