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Jilly Tan

It has been forever since I uploaded any of my work. But here is a little clip. Thanks to Arnold San Juan for helping me acquire and edit the clip, and to Geddit for the new logo.

The Best I Could - Gillian Tan

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Code of Law 2 - Gillian Tan

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Fiends & Foes - Gillian Tan - Ep 1

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This is all the reason I need to download any app.

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I walked east and one stayed west; Slippers do what they do best. I staggered back with one foot bare, And missed the bus by just a hair.

Fyi: Last MRT train to Jurong east will leave city hall at about 1am tonight (28th Saturday night, or early Sunday morning).

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Birthday 11-11
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Favorite Movies Too many. Ok, for now I'd say Amelie.
Favorite Tv Shows I don't watch much but I like Arrested Development, South Park, House

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