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I try to post only work on this page but I sometimes have to share adorable photos I happened to take... Like one of this #Tabaluga dragon cushion from #PeterMaffay!

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Flaming Ice Cream!

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Happy Deepavali. May your days be ignited with hope and joy. :)

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This was taken right after the music performance for Lladro. Just a little brightening via instagram makes it look so much clearer and lighter!

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Thank you Lladró for having us at the unveiling of your impressive Carnival in Venice on October 6th 2016. Guitar maestro Sebastian Ho and I had a splendid time bringing your friendly guests Spanish songs... and a few Mandarin favourites!

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Thank you Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS)​ for the delightful gathering of musicians and catching up over the annual awards dinner on Sunday, September 25th 2016. Congrats to the winners! Here are some photos taken on my nice camera with mostly the usual suspects: Daniel​, Ez​, May​, Calvin​, Jordan, Pepita​, Clinton​, Chee Wei​, Yunos​, Chee Tian​, Marcus​, Stephen​, Isa, Arnold, Lawrence and... my truly beloved Chicken Skin!

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Good morning! TGIF. 😊 Would you like to join us for the SAMH charity dinner tonight? Even if you can't, I would urge you to visit the website to learn more about Singapore Association for Mental Health and feel free to make a donation if you wish. Thank you and have a beautiful Friday! 💗 http://www.samhealth.org.sg/samh-charity-dinner-2016/

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Mental health and feelings of inadequacy should not be ignored. Sometimes we may not always understand it ourselves but taking an interest is a good first step.

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Missing Europe. But sometimes even in busy Singapore, we can find our little pockets of calm.

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Went through my old stuff. Look what I found! 🍺 My photo in Juice for Heineken in 2004, 🎭 An article I kept about Singapore theatre in August 2006, 🎉 A (punny and largely original) word puzzle I spent hours creating with Microsoft Excel for my students after exams while I was relief teaching in 2000, 🎬 And directions to the film set of Dexter from my LA days in 2007.

There are a lot more crazy things unearthed. I'll share more later on. My room feels like a museum. 😂

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