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Fyi: Last MRT train to Jurong east will leave city hall at about 1am tonight (28th Saturday night, or early Sunday morning).

"The hour between 3 am and 4 am is called the dead hour because this is the time that the most people die in their sleep in hospitals."

There comes a time when everyone goes home. Will everyone get to come home eventually? Peace to all.

How old is Singapore? Well come find out at the SG700 exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore!

I'm a noob on instagram (as so I was excited to find some #SG700 photos and videos too. :p

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I just compared hashtags on instagram to the blue underlined words that lead to a search in Altavista when you click them.

(Yes, click with a wired mouse. From 1997.)

If you love this Paul Simon classic, then give this live rendition by Shawn Colvin a go.

My favourite singer-songwriter. It pains me to know she had to battle depression. I am glad she seems to have won for now.

Playing with your food the right way! (I think they could make a drilling, I mean killing, selling the mouth piece and bell with instructions.)

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