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Join us at Work and Play's 2nd show at 7.30pm tonight! Find us next to Asia Star Hotel (44 Rowell Road). Part of the annual Art Walk Little India. Absolutely free & fun!

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About 23 hours to calltime. 23 hours and 23 minutes to our first 15 minute show. The spirits of Work & Play will be waiting for you at 8.30pm at Rowell Road. Would you like to join us at the Little India Art Walk? :) (https://www.instagram.com/p/BPHc0M4BlNy/)

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Little India has always been colourful. :) Even more so now with the annual Art Walk organised by Lasalle and the Singapore Tourism Board.

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More fireworks from the countdown. 😊 how's your 2017 so far?

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Hello 2017! Can you guess where I did my countdown?

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From "Feliz Navidad" to "Happy New Year". 2017 is almost here. Thank you everyone who's ever asked about, visited, and stumbled upon my humble little page. See you all next year! 😘💕 (https://www.instagram.com/p/BOqf88mBqIi/)

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It's still Christmas to me until 2017 arrives! Rock on!


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Thank you Fong Kah Nyee Jerry for introducing this nifty beauty device called Ageloc Me to lazy old me. 😂

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Come on 2016... That's quite enough now.

"Throughout her career, Carrie Fisher was open about her struggles with mental illness – the actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder – and drug use, admitting that she had abused cocaine throughout the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, as well as prescription drugs. "Drugs made me feel normal," Fisher said in 2001. Her one-woman play and memoir Wishful Drinking also tackled her battle with addiction." - Rolling Stone https://youtu.be/PG...Read more

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On air now: ‘Déjà Vu, Season 2’ - France and Europe Extended till May 2010! : Singing at Holiday Inn Atrium - Singapore Just added to Music Playlist: 1 Origin


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