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Just saw and played with the most adorable baby rat in a building along Shenton Way. I'm grateful the guard was kind enough to allow me to follow and coo at the cute little baby. Now I gotta remember to wash my hands...

(This photo is not of him; it's from

Was privileged to sing at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, for the appreciative and lively people from Keppel FELS with Sharon, Jace, Dominic and Shawn. Thank you guys! :)

Way to go Jason McElwain! I think that scoring one after another is already an amazing feat for anyone, despite gender, age, health, disorder, etc. This high school basketball game was played on February 15th 2006.

“A thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing.” - attributed to Susan Sontag

(I thought to never post about the dress cos it didn't matter to me, & I figured a million others would... BUT I love Nyan Cat!)

Thank you and farewell... There'll be no other Spock for me.

Is this... newsworthy?

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Is new always better? If we had kept this as our dedicated aquarium, what would it be now?

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Oh the end. The very end killed me!

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So I heard that there are no trains from Yew Tee to Kranji MRT stations at the moment. There are free shuttle buses between Choa Chu Kang and Kranji. FYI...

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