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Thank you John Bishop for I now know what a Superlambanana is.

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Cheers with a glass of red to the year of the Red Fire Monkey! (Does anyone know the artist of this great monkey portrait, and the guy in the photo?)

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This was making its rounds last year. I was surprised I didn't see it much this year, especially after Star Wars. I still have it in my phone since I haven't changed my phone in a while. Happy lunar new year!

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Home from the #88RoyalMonkeys cruise. Feeling land-sick. Remember the back studs of your earrings! Otherwise you'll only get a sad cheesy selfie like this... with one earring. Hahaha!

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Ice skating can look so magical and beautiful! #88RoyalMonkeys

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Sunshine. Sea. Wind. Solitude for a true vacation. Glad to be one of the #88RoyalMonkeys!

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Can't hear you... sorry guys! Have a good weekend everyone! :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BBHoil-pIjr/

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Take care if you're in New York... Um, no comment on the Oscars.

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I think I am going to avoid the news for a while...

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If you have 25 minutes to spare, here's an interview with Rickman from 2012.

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