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To friends who might be trying to reach me, my trusty 4 year old phone is finally going through its first update ever. WhatsApp is currently restoring my backup chats which would explain some of my absence online. So please contact me via SMS if it's urgent. Thank you! 😉

I can't sleep. I'm thinking about Persis, Annie, Dennis, Guru, Chester... bright sparks, short lives. Life is too short to feel "not enough".

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My heart broke when I heard the news. The pieces sank so fast... I'm so sorry I did not catch up with you in time. I hope we meet again, old friend. You have done so much good here. Rest now, Persis.


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Thank you to Icewerks for this lovely shot at the peaceful Kranji Commonwealth Memorial just before a haircut. :)

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NDP Appreciation, Singapore - Gillian Tan, emcee


Happy to be the emcee at Harbourfront Centre for their art filled fun week! Thank you Vivien for asking me to be part of this and thank you Jay for a spectacular performance!


Words live on...

All about LOVE! Happy singers with our director, Garry, at a musical charity dinner right after Valentine's for the Church of the Transfiguration, Singapore. :)

A dear friend's brother wrote this. Check it out! :)

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Happy Lunar New Year! 😊 Hope this is a refreshing and youthful spring chicken year for you and your roost! (https://www.instagram.com/p/BP07tknhoFn/)

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On air now: ‘Déjà Vu, Season 2’ - France and Europe Extended till May 2010! : Singing at Holiday Inn Atrium - Singapore Just added to Music Playlist: 1 Origin


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