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The State of the Music Industry today (part 1): Order & Chaos

Everybody who listens to music - everybody - knows that the music industry has undergone its most massive revolution and changes in the past 10 years than it has in 100. Just like everything else in today's world, from the clothes we wear to the latest, most fucked up sexual fetishes and so on... ...and if you're a real dumbass and got no clue why, ask yourself when was the last time you actually purchased a real CD. Actually, when was the last time you purchased music at all? Or tuned...Read more

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I'm back

I've completely ignored my alivenotdead page for almost 2 years now.. LOL sorry guys. I promise to come back to everybody on the alivenotdead.com community and start blogging some crazy shit again. The past year has been a bit of a struggle, money-wise and focus-wise. Sometimes when things in your life are not in a full order, you lose your way and start focusing on doing the wrong things. It does take a certain amount of 'degenerating' before you can get back to becoming something big again. I'm sure everybody understands where ...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Dec 7

'Normal' is just about the worst word in the dictionary... I hate 'normal'

Normal is what you are when you're too afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It's when you refuse to do something different simply because your ass can't handle it.

In America, obesity is normal. So, normal is sitting on a couch, which may or may not have been considered a part of your body for over 12 months, on the coolest day of the year.

But more relevantly...

Normal is what you are, when you'r...Read more

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FOR DJs: 'Mess' is up for download as an mp3

Whats up everybody

There have been a ton of emails sent to me regarding my latest song and its getting difficult to reply to all of you guys. So I'ma make this much easier and just put it up here as a free download.

Saves us all the time of having to email me. If you're a DJ and want to play this song: download it right here

Thanks for all the love. There is MUCH more coming up!

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One for the club. Hong Kong's Hip Hop (Attention all DJs!)

It has been a while since I wrote a song specifically for the night club. My reasoning: most of these songs have 'dat auto-tune shit'.. something that I have been getting bored of lately. I see that the trend itself is dying (with the help of Jay-Z's latest 'Death of Autotune'), and to be honest, that shit just never inspired me!

Additional reasoning: some of these 'club' songs just don't make sense these days. I never did understand the hype of 'Ay Bay...Read more

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Lost Love

By the time I was done getting a full preview of Alex's new Sounds From The Soul album, there was one song that stuck.

By now, many of you would be familiar with Alex's new music, and for those who have followed him over the past couple of years, you can really see how much he has progressed as an artist.

When he finished showing me all of these tracks, I was amazed at the effort he had put into this. Everything seemed to fit in so well. One song in particular that I fell in love with was 'Lost Love'.

That s...Read more

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Alivenotdead.com do not want to see Alex Mikic & Ghost Souljah win the LP contest!

There has been a bunch of moaning and whining like little primary school boys who open their lunchboxes at lunchtime to be disappointed with celery sticks and carrots again. I have been discussing the LP contest (at a time when we were on top in the competition) with other such boys who were in the competition too. Though I gave my opinion on the subject, straight up in writing, I laughed behind my computer screen at these guys. They were losing, so they were whining.

...Read more
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FREE DOWNLOAD: "Success, you are mine!"

On the topic of my last blog entry, I thought I would bring back one of my old songs and give it to you for free download.

Download 'Success' here

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An insomniac word on Success and Passion

So I'm sitting on my computer chair at 6 in the morning, though I'd rather be in bed - sleeping. Unfortunately, insomnia's got the best of me... and so has the flu. And I have it bad. Well I must be getting better after all since I no longer lie in bed, asleep or awake, often not knowing which one I am, AND I'm able to blog on Alivenotdead.com with something KIND OF interesting to say.

My journey getting here has actually been quite eventful. At 4:00 a.m, I woke up and took a couple of Paracet...Read more

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Vote for the band YOU want to open the Linkin Park Concert in Macao

Voting started yesterday and so far we're not doing too bad. I have made the announcements on facebook and after this I'll log on to myspace and tell fans there.

Hong Kong acts NEED you to support them. I'm not asking you to vote for US and solely us. I'm asking you to go on there, check out the videos and vote for the band YOU think SHOULD have the opening spot at the Venetian on the 16th of August.

This is an opportunity for the Hong Kong music scene as a wh...Read more

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