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My graduation speech

I chose to publish this...as i DO NOT want to forget this:)

I stil can rmb the reaction when i sang..when i finished and got down frm stage..i enjoyed the applause

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Is 2011

Arh...I noe it is a bit late but still wanna wish Alive Not Dead and the members Happy 2011 I wish this is gonna be a peaceful year fill with happiness around the world...no more disaster

I finally graduated last year...yeah last year(sounds long time ago) but is just last month It was my big day, an important day for me and my parents..

I noe i made them proud, proud of me.

I received "Best in Journalism Award" given by BERNAMA...Read more

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waving goodbye

I went for my dinner just now and when i back from dinner, my bf and i decided to take a walk around my condo area..

Then we walked to the garden and sit down.

I saw a little iranian boy playing ball with his mum..not far from us..

He saw us, smiling at him.. he knew we were watching him..playing ball

i knew he wanted to ply wit us, he purposely threw the ball towards our direction and hoping we will kick the ball to him m...Read more

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Uniqlo Malaysia Pre-Opening Party

Yesterday was there for the pre-opening of Uniqlo malaysia party specifically for media and invited guests.

Got the chance to be there,Indeed, very happy and excited for the event. The event was a typical media event but is quite happening.

The event was held at the hall of Fahrenheit 88. When i reached there was a lot of public standing in front of the main entrance..guess some of them were there for some local celebrities^^

The event was 1 hr late i guess is becoz to wait for all the celebrities to...Read more

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Its been years since my last blog post in aliveNtdead...well ya im alive not dead

SInce my last sem in uni started, i have been so busy wit my sch works, besides, i have also got into the local radio station 98.8 for some projects.

Surprisingly, i was selected among all the 40 talented UDJs to go on air for once in 98.8 to promote my own radio programme.


Honoured enough, i noe my hardwork does pay and i feel grateful for that.

I was on the raido, hosting for an hour,...Read more

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Just now i was browsing fb and i saw one of my frd's graduation pic. It made me feel moody sudd...i dono y..perhaps because this is my last sem..and end of this year i wil be like her. Wearing gown carrying flowers and taking pics..that wil be my last day for my uni live. I stil rmb the first time, i went to KL from my hometown by bus, 4 hours journey together wit eric and my huge luggage we reached Pudu bus station and we took a cab for RM80 to go cyberjaya. When we reached campus, we still gotta bring...Read more

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I hate this

aww...i was writing blog half way and sudd the tab close><

almost finish the blog and i wrote really long...now all gone no desire writing any more...

sorry guys..

btw im enyoing my last 2 days sem break.

Yesterday i receive an email from a nutrition product company. They told me i was short listed for their brand ambassador job.

I gotta go for an interview tmr.

Kinda happy for that. Hope they wont disappoint me tmr. Wish me luck Read more

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weekend outing

Yesterday i went to Bangsar because there was a frd wanna celebrate his birthday in a restaurant there. At first, my bf and i  thought there wil be a huge jam therefore we went out early.

but we were wrong >< so we reach there extremely early.

We ended up went to bangsar village and walk along the shops around there thn only we go.

But still the birthday guy was late lol...

so i had times to take pictures before the celebration.wahaha

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Yesterday, i went to 988 radio station campus DJ interview.

It was fun.

At first i though it wil be a close door interview, but i was wrong XD

they prepare a stage, and the interviewee wil go up to the stage and talk.

Never know that chen jia rong is one of the interviewer..always see him on the TV to report news when i was young in channel 8.

Now he has moved back to msia and has quite a respectful status in 988 radio station and 8tv..

I was the first interviewee who go up on stage..kinda nervous i think...Read more

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i was  so busy recently not only in my sch work but wings radio as well. This sem i have interviewed 4 artists include local, taiwan and also china...last week, i attended Rachel Liang press conference and got the chance to meet her and interview her. She is down to earth...very frdly.

this is the picture taken when i went to the press conference.

This coming friday, im going to SaDing DI...Read more

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As normal as any other girl and that's me geradine:)

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