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Priscilla Liang is only one of my favorite singer songwriters in existence, & hit her #kickstarter goal in only a day! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1692449308/help-fund-priskas-debut-ep

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@priskamusik is only one of my favorite singer songwriters in existence, & hit her #kickstarter goal in only a day! https://t.co/z1JQk71YSR

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Olympics are over, but I still loved hearing the Olympic theme music. Nobody does it better than John Williams! https://youtu.be/2Zd_stb5CJQ

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It's a wrap! Finalized mixes for my Latin score to a short film! Which also culminates 4-5 months of non-stop projects, where I composed horror music for a 10-episode YouTube red show, a 45 minute contemporary ballet, an uplifting TEDX talk in Shanghai, and produced song demos for a Nancy Drew musical!

Such eclectic work, I'm estimating close to 2 hours of music produced, now I just want to sleep and go on vacation. Though already have a French jazz short film score, a fantasy adventure mobile game, an Indiana Jones fan film, and finishing the sequel ...Read more

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I seem to be popular in South America! Who here is from South America?

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I sat on the couch today and sat in dog puke, it was gross. #doglove

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RT @ICMovementProj: This music is fantastic!!!! https://t.co/A84swe28vq

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Mini review of Star Trek Beyond, it was brilliant! Justin Lin was a fantastic director (hope to see him take the reins of a Star Wars movie someday), and the script was solid, cowritten by an Asian dude! And dare I say it, at least in terms of action and thrills, it was actually more intense than Force Awakens.

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Nice to get mentioned in this dance review! "Each movement punctuated by composer George Shaw’s captivating and wonderful original score adding to the crescendo of sound of the ceiling breaking."

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I.C. Movement Project talking to a sold out audience at our #ballet world premiere tonight! Such a wonderful high!

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