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George Shaw

RT @NerdReactor: Ben Affleck reveals origin of Star Wars and Batman v Superman rivalry

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Hanging with #PrincessLeia from The Star Wars Musical, Haviland Stillwell! Her new movie, Monster High: Freaky Fusion is out today!

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Hanging with #PrincessLeia from @StarWarsMusical, @MissHaviland! Her new movie, @monsterhigh #FreakyFusion is out!

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Lunch in Japan. Sorta.

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I just told someone making a mess with a taco to "Use the fork."

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Car horns should have 2 settings: a harmonious polite excuse me, and a loud dissonant FU.

@minaenoji No Turtles in Time from SNES?!

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DarthVader the ninja commando soldier? #cosplay at #LongBeachComicCon. #StarWars

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Amazing #mystique #cosplay at #LongBeachComicCon. #xmen

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Oh boy, performing at @APEXorg gala this weekend, better start practicing piano!

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