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Saw @ScoreMovie, a documentary about film composers! Absolutely worth seeing! Hope it's available next year! https://t.co/PAI2aQMZ9a

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My dog #Korra is a #Waterbender, and loves to play with her #Superman toy! https://t.co/D4aoZKzPSu

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I adopted this cute puppy a few months ago, and she loves to play! She's named Korra, and is a water bender, named after Avatar Korra! Music by George Shaw - http://georgeshawmusic.com Thanks to Qiqi Zheng for shooting/editing the video

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Such a wonderful moment after spending 3 months composing a modern ballet. It's just magic hearing my music come to life through Tina Guo's electric cello! These are the moments I cherish the most in my career!

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Incredible music by Tan Dun for the Shanghai #Disney opening! https://youtu.be/x94NGWXVFnA?t=4m4s

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Support @timskousen @RaidersGuys & see the #Raiders documentary about the greatest fan film ever made! #IndianaJones https://t.co/vIFehEx3HC

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@jimjefferies gives the only reason for #guncontrol. https://t.co/eym7jdBxJY

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jim jefferies gives the only reason for #guncontrol. https://youtu.be/0rR9IaXH1M0

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@JediTink Wish I had prepped too, was a while back when I saw the first one.

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@BrianTylerMusic Loved how the score to #NowYouSeeMe2 combined the spectacle of a magic show with the jazzy action vibe of a heist score!

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