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Superheroes really should have pockets on their costumes.

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Some exciting news to receive today (especially after several rejections earlier this year including the Sundance Composers Lab). Got accepted to a film conducting workshop taught by 2 greatly admired orchestrators who've worked for John Williams on some of the biggest movie franchises that I love (Star Wars, Harry Potter)!

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Though there's no replacing John Williams, I'm excited to hear what @m_giacchino will do on #StarWars #RogueOne! https://t.co/VDU598WEuR

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You guys, the Konami code is still in use by Netflix!

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@thewesleychan and I are huge #StarWars geeks! Making a fan film together w/ live orchestra was a #nerdgasm! #WongFu https://t.co/TADAfeUy3Q

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George Shaw records music from Wong Fu Productions Star Wars Fan Films, First Asian Jedi and Way to the Rebellion, with the CMG Music Recording Orchestra at Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage. Featuring Wesley Chan.

Way to the Rebellion https://youtu.be/9goZzcPJalY

The First Asian Jedi https://youtu.be/SxMEhhXMwHw

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You can hear the full unedited @OfficialETN_ theme song here: https://t.co/gYArBe4VfD @JoeyGraceffa https://t.co/pvoJ7Pbvg7

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Was snorkeling at the hidden Mermaid Cave on Oahu, when a huge sea turtle magically appeared out of nowhere!

Music by George Shaw "Flying Fantasies" https://soundcloud.com/georgeshaw/flying-fantasies

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RT @GraceToy: @georgeshawmusic @LilTokyoReporter @JeffreyGeeChin Music so excellent I just happily paid 10 clams for it @bandcamp: https://…

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@MsLynnChen police quest? Used to love that game!

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