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I was let into #DisneyImagineering without being thrown out! One step closer to my dream job! Such a magical place, including a hallway designed like a spaceship and beautiful Disney art adorning the walls everywhere! #disney #composer

RT @paulshipper: My official Star Wars Celebration poster art has just been revealed on https://t.co/Uajw8FFOhphttps://t.co/iRyLoMfJGx h…

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Does that mean 45 is going to pee on them? https://t.co/5opsFpmFxH

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@chrisdinh Making it look so easy!

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@HarryShumJr @ShadowhuntersTV This is how I wish my bed got made everyday.

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Beautiful #StarWars fan art! https://t.co/niuFx5gVg9

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When you need music to pump you up before going out to fight crime! #superhero https://t.co/bsboegSG6t

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I grew up loving superhero comics, movies, and cartoons. I really cherish the opportunity I had to compose and then conduct (without click) some Superhero themes born of my love and imagination for the genre. Thank you to Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive for developing my craft for conducting, the incredible performance by LA musicians in the orchestra (assembled by Encompass Music Partners), and Eastwood Scoring Stage - Warner Bros. Studios for hosting us for 4 magical days!

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All the episode 8 questions for Daisy. You won't believe who's asking!

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KorraTheDog trying to get attention.

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Los Angeles, United States
July 12, 2007

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