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Dessert spread at my friend's wedding, but all I got was this picture, because our table was still waiting for Peking duck, which came 20 minutes later for us. So the desserts were gone by the time we got to them. 😩

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An interview where I share my business advice for composers and creatives. https://t.co/9hemO06moB

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@amanfr01 @theportcomposer haha, didn't realize it, but I have been dreaming of working for #Disney my whole life!

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@lopezbobby Currently having fun mashing up Frozen with Hoth in the @StarWarsMusical of Empire Strikes Back!… https://t.co/IFej4W1C2B

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RT @amy_geek: Um, @DarthRachel's Grand Admiral Thrawn is everything! #NYCC #StarWarsRebels https://t.co/YZqtZ0lzmJ

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Delivered the first demo of my theme for a mobile game that I’m working on. Got an unexpected note back. An engineer played the music for his wife and she thought it was composed by Nobue Uematsu (Final Fantasy composer). Wow, I’ll take that comparison as a huge compliment!

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Delivered a demo for a mobile game, engineer's wife thought it was Nobue Uematsu's music. #FinalFantasy composer. What a compliment!

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@JaneLui it's much harder to come up with something original!

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When #KorratheDog was a hot dog and got dizzy. #puppy #dog #dogsofinstagram https://t.co/mBG2vbrJRR

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