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Backyard screening of #ET on large screen with #Reese's Pieces, pizza, and themed t-shirts!

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I hate when you look up YouTube tutorials fo programs liker Photoshop or Final Cut, and they waste 2 minutes on how to import a file.

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Must've been Darth Bane's Rule, how else did sith hide for 1000 years? RT @DarthVaderAna 1st rule of Dark Side. Do not talk about Dark Side.

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Imagine #JohnLennon #HarryPotter

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Love my new #Sith profile pic! Art by William Wu, artist from @StarWarsMusical!

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@lsirikul The answer to Lost is 42.

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@minaenoji Did you threaten him that you'd send the Shredder after him?

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@hellokitty must be a mutant!

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Who needs their balls massaged?

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Been watching #CloneWars, almost forget how bad the prequels are bc the animated show's acting and storytelling are so good! #starwars

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