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George Shaw

@ShortFilmSunday Perhaps seeing someone unexpected do a well known role is part of the fun?

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Wish other theaters were as awesome as @AlamoDFW for showing Team America in place of The Interview.

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@ShortFilmSunday I did see it, and it sounds fun. But tickets are a bit pricey for me, and I have a lot going on this month anyway.

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Woohoo, heading to a midnight screening of The Hobbit!

@jacobthefu It was such an interesting read about the history and behind the scenes of Ninja Turtles, definitely recommend it!

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The trailer to the new Pixar movie is amazing, like a short film on it's own.

The trailer to the new @DisneyPixar movie is amazing, like a short film on it's own.

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Wow, just read the history of #TMNT and the original 1984 comic that started it all. Even more of a fan now!

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English Name George Shaw
Languages Spoken english
Birthday 01-16
Job Film Composer

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