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Excited for Fresh Off the Boat, Starring Randall Park! have to share one of my fav shorts written and starring Randall. Blueberry is about a man who orders a $73 hooker.

Seems odd that I briefly considered turning on the air conditioner yesterday, when there was a blizzard on East Coast this week.

@originalspin Haha, I know, and how did Randall even end up with his clothes off?

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Excited for @freshoffabc, have to share my fav short film from @parkrandall, Blueberry, about a man & a $73 hooker.

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Sounds about right, I love Superheroes, and Sci-Fi, and would definitely take a lonely journey to a galaxy far away.

I'm a G-7 Cosmic Guardian Powerset: Power Cosmic; Cosmic Awareness; Intergalactic Travel Notable Members: Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel (Marvel), Nova,

Alone In the far distant reaches of space You stand

Protector of those who don't know you From threats they know not Custodian of the Power Cosmic That is you

You used to be just an ordinary Joe--worrying about the 9-5, the weather, the rent. But that's so mundane now. You've been places, seen things, that no human has ever seen before-transcendent vistas and unspeakable terrors-and you are forever changed.

Phenomenal cosmic power and all eternity as your living space, you search for meaning and purpose among the stars. Few have been entrusted with such great power, but your noble and unconquerable spirit, your unquestioned integrity, suggested that the powers that be have made a good choice in vouchsafing the power cosmic within you.

Genre-savvy hint: as your free spirit soars the cosmos, don't forget your humanity. Your connection to the ordinary and mundane may just save you one day.

Can you name 25 characters from books/comics that can fly like Wil Wheaton does here? Accompanied by an exciting superhero theme that I composed, entitled "Heroes of Flight."

Just captured this photo of this beautiful orange and purple #sunset over Santa Monica.

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Unedited/Unfiltered photo of the sunset over Santa Monica.

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@CharismaStarTv That's exciting to finally see a Latina Disney princess!

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Always been a fan of superheroes and a good superhero theme! Had a chance to compose my own superhero theme for last week's episode of Tabletop!

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