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Warner Bros. distributing "The Trouble With Romance"

Warner Bros. to premiere "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" simultaneously in theaters and on pay-per-view!  The film stars cast members from "Sex & the City", "Entourage", "Better Luck Tomorrow" and more.  See the movie now via iTunes & Amazon VOD.Movie Trailer Link:http:// www.youtube.com/watch? v=tdoE49chFKU(REVIEWS:)StartFragment


"An extraordinarily engaging, well-written and creatively filmed romantic comedy comprised of four stories set in hotel rooms on the same floor... Rhee's feature debut is in some ways a textbook for how to make a great low-budget feature:  Start with a really good, tightly written script, hire some terrific, trained, hungry actors and shoot it economically on small interiors.  For an audience, it's a winning combination."

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"The performances are convincing, and director Gene Rhee does a good job of outlining the messiness of human affections here, showing how we don't always know what we really want or how to get it."

-The Chicago Reader"Gene Rhee's wacky and endearing debut feature film "The Trouble With Romance" scores points on most levels of engagement as a warm, breezy conversation about romantic entanglements between men and women.  Split into four vignettes set under one hotel roof in Los Angeles, a quartet of rooms are the stages for frolic, fun, fantasy and frivolity."

- Popcornreel.com"Roger Fan's intense crying jag while on the toilet is a riot. It is to bathroom crying jags what the French Connection car chase is to car chases."

-The San Jose Metro


StartFragment"Rhee is a talented director..."

-The SF Weekly





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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
congrats! ya, i'll ask our editors to promote heavy. =)
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That's great! I love Roger, I hope this gets really good coverage!
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Photo 321088
Congratulations!! That's wonderful news. I hope this opens up a lot of doors, but I don't hope you become the flavor of the month. Those people fade quickly. Here's wishing you much success!
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Photo 319485
Congratulations! You deserve it. Hard work dedication and unwavering passion always make it through. Checked out the trailer. I look forward to it!!
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Photo 336165
That is great news! Hope to see your film when released.
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Photo 62424
Congratulations man, that is an amazing achievement!
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Photo 23083
awesome. when can we see it here across the pond? Grats!
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Photo 80548
Congratulations! I like the trailer. Looking forward to watching your film in London! :-)
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Photo 31106
Congratulations!!!! The is great!!!! Keep us posted!!!
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Photo 73139
The trailer's looking great so far, all the best =)
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Photo 31454
congrats brotha :D
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March 25, 2008