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In this interview with the director of , he says he's more interested in doing a prequel (rather than a sequel) to his hit sci-fi feature.  That may disappoint some of his fans since the ending to the first movie sets up the next chapter so well.  But I respect his convictions since he's the one who would have to make it.  To be honest, his interview is surprisingly anti-ho...Read more

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I found most of these interviews with several of today's most celebrated film directors to be affirming because they have enough clout and ego to say what they really think.  It's interesting to hear veterans like James Cameron, Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino talk about how hard it is to make low budget films, how some of them believe in storyboard...Read more

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By now, everyone in Hollywood knows that Disney is significantly downsizing Miramax films, it's arthouse film division.  The press releases say they're just cutting staff and reducing the number of films they'll distribute, but in reality, most folks in the biz believe that this is Disney's way of gradually dissolving the division altogether.  In other words, in a year or two, Miramax may be gone for good.  Which is sad because it was one of the few places left that tried to release original films like and .  G...Read more

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My Little Independent Film

This film has been an audience favorite at numerous festivals, and if you're into relationship movies, I hope you'll check it out.  It's a light, fun ensemble piece with several stories exploring "The Trouble With Romance" from several different points of view - a single woman getting over a break-up in an odd way, a married couple trying to spice up their sex life, a boyfriend and girlfriend dealing with their own childish issues, and a young man confronting his cynicism about love.This film was shot in 15 da...Read more

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Warner Bros. distributing "The Trouble With Romance"

Warner Bros. to premiere "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" simultaneously in theaters and on pay-per-view!  The film stars cast members from "Sex & the City", "Entourage", "Better Luck Tomorrow" and more.  See the movie now via iTunes & Amazon VOD.Movie Trailer Link:http:// www.youtube.com/watch? v=tdoE49chFKU(REVIEWS:)StartFragment


"...Read more

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Hollywood As Usual

Back in September, I mentioned that Stephen Chow had been hired to direct and star as Kato in the big budget remake of The Green Hornet.  However, as the article below indicates, that is no longer the case.  In typical Hollywood fashion, Chow is no longer directing the movie, but will still stay on to play Kato.
When I first heard about this back in September, I was hopeful that hiring Chow to direct this blockbuster franchise was a sign that the powers-that-be were starting to look outside the box in making these cliched comic book fr...Read more

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What Kind Of Roles Attract Oscars

Here's a link to an article I just saw about what kinds of roles attract Academy Award consideration.  Yeah, it's fluff but kinda fun...http://www.variety.com/awardcentral_article/VR1117996455.html?nav=news&categoryid=1982&cs=1

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What An Amazing Comeback

Here's a great article about Mickey Rourke's amazing comeback from the dumps to being the Oscar front-runner for Best Actor for the movie "The Wrestler".  I know show biz comeback stories are common but this guy really hit a low point.  If you read the whole article, I particularly admire the part where Director Darren Aronofsky resists the advice of his Hollywood colleagues to cast Nic Cage instead of Rourke.  Definitely looking forward to checking the film out.  Here's the link to the article, and below that i...Read more

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The Jean Claude Van Damme Biopic Starring Jean Claude Van Damme

JCVD is a semi-biographical movie about Jean Claude Van Damme, and ironically, it stars Jean Claude Van Damme.  When I first read about this film after it premiered at Cannes last May, I thought, what a hilarious idea.  Who makes biopics starring themselves?
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm certainly curious given the concept.  Below is a link to a review of the film...Read more

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Obama's Chief Of Staff Is A Major Hollywood Agent's Brother

What a coincidence.  Obama's projected White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is the brother of Ari Emanuel, who is one of the founders of the Endeavor agency and is also the inspiration for the "Ari Gold" character on the hit TV show  Entourage.  I wrote a post a couple months back about my own experiences involving politics and Hollywood but this is just too funny.  Anyway, from everything I've read, it sounds like Rahm is razor sharp, highly motivated, and a ball bust...Read more

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