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The Best Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis

For several years, doctors have prescribed exercise as a sort of therapy for those who have arthritis. RA, or rheumatoid arthritis, causes swelling and inflammation of the tissue around a joint. An autoimmune disease, RA causes pain, stiffness and lack of range of movement. It can even impact organs including the lungs. It is possible to begin to feel relief from RA symptoms, by developing an exercise plan.

Strength Building

Fortifying the body's joints, tendons and muscles can bring greater relief as time passes. Bands, lighter hand weights, tubes or your body weight can be used in a fortifying routine as forms of resistance. Exercise may be started by you with low repetitions and do just one to two sets. Try shoulder raises. You may do this exercise while standing and holding a light weight in each hand. Slowly lift your arms up and out to your own sides. Continue until the weights are parallel with your shoulders to lift. Perform all exercises slowly and control your motion for each exercise. Don't forget to breathe as you exercise and stretch at the ending of your routine that is strengthening.

Water-based Cardio

Many people feel as if they must give up on cardio or aerobic conditioning exercise. The move and warm water help make your muscles and joints feel better. You will reduce the stress in your joints and even improve your balance and dexterity, by exercising while immersed in water. Bone mineral density even improves. Try to choose water temperatures between 84 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Your exercise plan should contain at least two -based exercises.


Walking is another great exercise for persons with RA. Be sure to have on some of encouraging and comfy walking shoes before starting a walking program. Walk two to three days per week and gradually grow to a few days per week. If you ever have increased swelling or pain in a joint, discontinue the exercise and consult your doctor.

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