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kickstarting bunny

had a screening of Easter Bunny at the LA Asian Film Fest that went pretty well. audience seemed to get it. encouraged..   also, launched a kickstarter campaign for Year of the Bunny which will hopefully kickstart the fundraising.. hence the name.. we got 60 days.. well, less now.  trying out this crowdfunding thing. and here's a random picture of sedona, aspiring photographer that is all, xanga..  

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updated site

decided to update this site (perfectfitstudios)... finally. was procrastinating on that for awhile. looks much better. also the "prequel" to Year of the Bunny, "Easter Bunny" will play on May 1st at the LAAPFF. 4:45pm at Laemmle Sunset 5. excited to see it with an audience. trailer buy tickets here    

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first!: part two

i read somewhere that 2011 will have the most sequels ever produced.. here's another: first!: part two aka first!: the sequel first! 2 F2  

Sedona's 1st Birthday from gary2yuk on Vimeo.

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A Year in Under 10 Minutes from gary2yuk on Vimeo.   hey xanga, hows it going? here's some vimeo love..

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a video capturing the blessed snowfall in valencia


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didnt know much about the current state of virtual reality before editing this piece



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might as well..

might as well post this one up too. give xanga some more love.. [ year of the bunny teaser]

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one more for good measure

posting the trailer for the short film Easter Bunny which is awaiting festival screenings. [produced by lillian ng, exec prod carl choi, starring roger fan] which is a short "prequel" of sorts for the feature i've been raising money for Year of the Bunny. The idea being - use the short as a tool to raise money for the feature. [donations tax deductible btw]

music in the trailer is "sticks & stones" by jonsi of sigur ros fame.

posting here on xanga to round out the social networks.. even though nobody reads xanga anymore b/c tumblr is cooler. but why make myself sign up for another site when i can just post it here?

wondering what i can say thats interesting about the production. shot back in august for 3-4 days on the 5D. it was fun... not sure if that is interesting enough..

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it's a chopper baby

what happened to xanga? it took me forever to find the blog button. anyway, since i havent used this for anything lately.. here's this.

chopper baby from gary c on Vimeo.

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i've been meaning to cut a reel together for about 10 years now..

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