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  • Absence

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:29PM / Standard Entry / Members only
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    I've been away from AnD for a while.  Work, travel and life's little distractions have kept me at bay, and have meant I haven't had the chance to properly collect my thoughts.

    While I catch up on the thoughts and musings of other members, let me post three of my recent works:
    1. Brisbane's skyline in all its majesty.  Such a relaxed town, but its skyline makes you wonder whether there's a whole heap of activity that you just can't seem to find!  I love black & whites of cityscapes.

    2. Fuzzy lights - I've seen this sort of shot done many times over, but never actually tried it.  Then I found the most perfect collection of colours.  And the slightest hint of the reflection of the lights in the water remains...  This one might make a good CD cover.  Now all I need to do is learn how to sing ;-)

    3.  And finally, what's a typical Australian night out without alcohol?!?!  The 1-degree bar is right on the Brisbane river and a great place for a quiet martini!

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