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  • Consuming meals on Your Los Angeles Vacations

    Saturday, Sep 8, 2012 7:03AM / Information / Members only

    In California, the cuisine is cosmopolitan (French, Asian, Mexican...) and connected as well (organic and vegetarian).


    For breakfast, you can serve a real friendly, generous and varied meal. Recption menus is a lot diversified, with a selection of juice, cereal, hash browns (shredded and grilled potatoes), small pancakes, French toast, and of course eggs.


    In certain restaurants the same your meals are much more expensive at night than at lunch, especially if the frame of the place is nice. Generally, there are two or three daily specials and they're displayed at the entrance from the restaurant. Should you choose a special, you're going to get a bonus for a soup or salad. A great cheap, fast and healthy thing may be the salad bars in delis. Remember to enjoy the many sauces (dressings) accompanying salads. A few of the restaurants provide you with all you can eat and for a few bucks, you can eat around you can.


    On Saturday and Sunday morning, it is good to get brunch. After sleeping in, it is too late for breakfast but you're too hungry to wait until lunchtime. Thus, many restaurants serve from 10 to 3 pm a brunch, bastardized between breakfast and lunch.

    Eat in LA

    When it comes to meat, beef is top notch in La. The hamburger is not the horrible image that's in your own home. The real hamburger restaurants serve fresh, juicy, tender and soft beef, caught between two slices of good bread.

    If you want ice cream, there are thousands of glaciers in La. The frozen treats is white, soft, creamy, flavored with vanilla, decorated with fruit or caramel. This is called a sundae, and then there are banana splits and malts. The most famous desserts are the carrot cakes, the cheesecakes, but the chocolate cakes, apple pies, pecan pies, pumpkin pies in the fall and so on.

    Finally, California is multicultural, which means you will find a myriad of cuisines, including Japanese (with the popularity of sushi) and, obviously, Mexican and Tex-Mex.

    United States have a very prohibitive policy of alcohol. They usually charge a fee your passport or identity document if you wish to purchase a single beer or perhaps a wine bottle in the supermarket, to be able to see whether you are over 21.

    This is a surprise to anyone; you will find good California wines that will delight fans' curiosity. Advances winemakers are considerable in recent years (most of them have learned the trade in France for many harvests), and some vino is truly spectacular.

    Really the only downside of the wines, is that even the least developed ones, can be found at high prices. The same thing goes for French or Italian wines, well represented around the maps of certain restaurants.

    Coffee and tea can be found in many restaurants and cafes (especially for breakfast) and one can invoke the same basic coffee as often as desired (free refill). Remember to specify black coffee, simply because they assists it with milk automatically! You may enjoy espresso everywhere.

    Finally, tea lovers is going to be spoiled: in lots of restaurants (including dinner), Lipton's low-end is guaranteed! Fortunately, the Tea Latte (sweet and spicy tea with milk) is becoming more and more popular.

    As possible easily see, your La Vacations could be a trip of taste in the end and you ought to benefit from the multiple faces from the cuisines Los Angeles provides its visitors.

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