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Overview of Loki Link Builder

WP Loki Link Builder is really a new wordpress tool that was create by world known seo expert and software creator, Sean Donahoe. This new plugin was designed to create automatic penguin friendly backlinks to the site that you simply choose. Whether it is the wordpress blog that you install the plugin on or any other site that hosts your content like Youtube or Squidoo, Loki Link Builder does it all.

What makes Loki Link Builder different than other backlink building software or automatic backlinks plugins is that it not just creates content on web 2.0 that backlinks for your site, additionally, it builds backlinks to the content that produces for you personally. Quite simply, Loki Link Builder is definitely an automatic link pyramid builder that creates 2 tiers of seo optimized content that backlinks to the site you're promoting.

This the very first software or plugin that I have experienced that may do this!!!!!

But do you use it to help you get higher search engine rankings?

Yes it does! How do you know? Let me tell you!

I've been using link pyramids for quite some time to get my sites ranked high and google. But the big difference is, I had to do it manually so it took several months to setup my link pyramids like I wanted them. However the fact that you arrived on this website via the search engines like google proves that they work. This review site ranks on the first page of google for almost every product which i perform a review on.

Loki Link Builder Review

You can verify this by finding a product review about this blog and typing within the title from the product plus the word review.

Infact..I am ranked #2 in google for the keyword Internet Product Review.

So be assured, I understand the things that work when it comes to seo and the Loki Link Builder plugin is automated tool that does what I have been doing manually for years.

My Final Assessment of Loki Link Builder

Loki Link Builder is a superb new plugin and it'll help you improve your search engine ranking positions. Whenever you combine them with the bonuses that I have listed below, you'll be able to dominate the search engines much like this review blog does.

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