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    Thursday, Jul 5, 2012 10:42PM / Information / Members only

    Do you know how to get a woman's attention? You may would just like to obtain the attention of 1 special lady, or you want the attention of many! And not only do you want to obtain attention but you wish to ensure that it stays focused on you as well.

    Allow me to ask you this? Have you ever tried to obtain a woman's attention but was unsuccessful? Do women ever provide you with a second look or take interest in anything you need to say? Do you consider it's possible that you could reverse all of this? I've been inside your shoes and I understand how frustrated you are.

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    Let's say I told you that it is possible to change everything and start obtaining the attention from the women that you would like and possess your pals visiting you for advice on tips to get a woman's attention! Don't think me? Well, keep reading and that i will explain...

    You see my pal, you're looking over this because you are searching for a strategy to your problem. It's where I started my journey too. I will show you four proven techniques that really work and have been tested successfully. It will be fun to get a woman's attention for a change! With a little guidance, you can get a woman's attention instantly! You won't believe how easy it is when you try these techniques!

    When you start applying the following techniques, you'll discover that obtaining a woman's attention isn't so difficult in the end.

    The strategy:

    1 The biggest secret I'm able to give regarding how to get a woman's attention is that women look for confidence. And confidence is displayed in your body language! To ensure that means, you have to work on being a more confident man in all you do. Naturally, a woman is more drawn to a man with a confident body language which allows you to get their attention instantly! Remember, women are great at reading body gestures!

    2 Do you have a spontaneity? If not, you need some. Just because a woman loves a guy that can make her laugh. Again, work on enhancing your body language. This can be done by having a pleasant attitude and smiling more. Practice healthy posture, fully stand up straight (no saggy shoulders) and walk with confidence. Always keep eye contact when you're talking.

    3 Your wardrobe, still wearing clothes in the 80's? If that's the case, I believe you're ready to update your clothing line. Changing how you dress can give you a large boost of confidence and also result in the ladies instantly drawn to you. It's often been postulated that the clothes result in the man and this is extremely true. Women love a guy you never know how to dress and it has a feeling of style.

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    4 Women love compliments! So, make sure to compliment her on her looks, her clothes, her perfume, etc... But don't overload. You cannot be too nice because they love challenging. Also remember that they can't stand men who they are able to control. They want a guy who can seize control.

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