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@MKBHD I wish they would bring back the drag & drop to search box function. That was so convenient for desktop image searching.

@romn8tr @MKBHD Agreed. I have big hands & the iPhone 6s was uncomfortable to use one handed. I didn't like the rea… https://t.co/fn2dj5A1hc

@MKBHD I Would love to see a fullscreen device with iPhone SE dimensions. In my experience it's the perfect size for one handed use imho.

My single “Crusaders” is OUT NOW! Available at iTunes -> https://t.co/nmg46hbn4v and Spotify ->… https://t.co/A76tpdhfrZ

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@rkuttner @rkuttner Obama did his best for 8 Years as president. I suggest you run for office yourself and be the change you seek. #vote

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Download my FREE Equinox fitness DJ mix ft. @Drake @Rihanna @Jahkoy @TheWeeknd @AliciaKeys @JanetJackson + more!… https://t.co/mutlLc5J3H

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Just Announced: Hollywood, CA - Nov 4 at Grey's Anatomy Party... https://t.co/1KSKDyKEmk

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@dennymishler @mfraserclan @JohnMayer A great start. If we can get more positive thoughtful debate like this going… https://t.co/YxUxuhBmr6

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@dennymishler @mfraserclan @JohnMayer I get the sense you care deeply about this issue. Give me an idea of an effec… https://t.co/jHkhhjuNlu

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@joerogan Give some cash to the victims. Use the rest to create an anti-NRA, anti-Gun lobby strong enough to buy ba… https://t.co/y5t9SAHrWN

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November 6, 2007
Hollywood, Ca, United States

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