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Devil ; The song which moved my soul



One song, which is from VANNESS 1st JPN album "REFLECTIONS, moved my soul. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


I felt every sound was made of just human voice.

I can't hear any drums, guitar, nor keybord sounds from it.

It is so amazing that human voice creates these passionate, vivid sounds!!!

More than that, I feel strong passion from this song.


 Skot & Matt are so awesome! Cool! Stylish!

 Tobias isso vigorous!!!

 Mike, is da bomb!

 Melissa is very very passionate & gorgeous!

 and Van Ness... he is like an angel for me...

 This Song would save my soul.

 Lord Jesus, Thank You for today, Thank You for tomorrow.

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Thanks for your detai explanation.I never notice them ..
almost 10 years ago
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Thank you for your comment. i jus wrote down what i felt..haha...
almost 10 years ago


A huge fan of Van Ness. the more seein Van Ness, the more luvin Van Ness!

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