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eclipse!! 日食~!

we had a solar eclipse (皆既日食) today. oh ,  it's gone already.

had a eclipse on 22JUL09.

i took some photos of them!

the eclipse start !

and then going to be the paper moon... no, " the paper sun"!!


this is max in our town, Fukuoka, Japan.

again, this is not the moon, it's the sun~.




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Photo 43083
Good thing it was a cloudy day ~ otherwise, you might have hurt your eyes x.x
almost 11 years ago
Photo 38203
久し振りに遊びにきたけど今新しい日記あがってるの気づいた(爆) これすごいね! やっぱ一番上の写真がとっても幻想的! グラサン万歳
almost 11 years ago
Photo 37793
thanks for your comment, moonchild! yeh~,i was lucky becouse it was cloudy. so i could take these photos. and my eyes were ok~! thanlk you.
almost 11 years ago
Photo 37793
fuzukiちゃん コメ謝謝~♡ 見てくれてありがと。て、fuzukiちゃん画像変わってるやん! すっげえな、キマッテル! やっぱり一般人に見えないよ~!!
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