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WE <3 NYC- FINISHING THE GAME premiere wrap up!

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WE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEKEND OPENING IN NYC, thanks to our student activists, community leaders, and super fans who came out in huge numbers.  We had lines going all the way down to Grey Papayas (if you have never been to New York, you will probably assume that they sell yummy papaya bobas...but no, they sell hot dogs.)  For those of you New Yorkers who missed FTG this past opening weekend, no worries.  FTG IS STILL PLAYING STRONG AT IFC CENTER THEATER in the West Village.  Definitely check it out this week and this upcoming weekend!

Anyways, the lines on Friday and Saturday night were a block long!!!! Because of your support and word of mouth activism, FINISHING THE GAME opened at TOP 5 at the box office.

Check out... INDIEWIRE: "The most successful single-screen debut was IFC’s "Finishing the Game," director Justin Lin's comedy about the search to replace Bruce Lee after his death during the making of his last movie...."Finishing the Game" proved that strong box office is possible from a modest marketing campaign as long as it's creative. "

When we go on our grassroots tours, we know there are folks that just want to take photos with us, and they could care less about what we are trying to do. However, we are very grateful to those who understand that WE as an Asian American community have the economic power to push for our own media dissemination. In regular English, it means: WE HAVE THE NUMBERS and THE MONEY to TELL HOLLYWOOD that... ASIAN AMERICANS WANT TO SEE OUR OWN REPRESENTATION ON SCREEN . We are all tired of how mainstream Hollywood constantly portrays Asians and Asian Americans as ching-chong ching-chong accessories on the big screen. We demand three-dimensional characters that truly represent how we are as a regular community.

  So another good example is that we did absolutely phenomenal on VIDEO ON DEMAND!  Anyways, bottom line is, we are very grateful that many of you came out to support FINISHING THE GAME on its opening weekend in NYC and through VIDEO ON DEMAN. 

 We are now heading back to the WEST COAST to represent our home turf... We will be opening in San Francisco (Embarcadero Cinemas) and Berkeley (Shattuck Cinemas) on Oct 19th. UC Berkeley's APASD better represent! ;-).  We look forward to meeting our new and old friends in the Bay Area. See ya'll soon. hella soon.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket opening weekend... WOW. the signage is HUGE!

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LINES AFTER LINES... sea of PEOPLE coming to see FTG!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket And then we did the infamous W.H. dance....!

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