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  • straight up facebook cut 'n paste

    Saturday, Sep 25, 2010 12:05PM / Members only

    feeling lazy today but wanna post something....so i'm just gonna take the short cut 'n just dump the last few clips I've posted on fb.....

    this track didn't get 56 million youtube hits for no reason! diz homie'z got it going on aiiii.....!

    God created men, women ... 'n then Ciaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Father MC + Jodeci...that was tha early 90s aiiiii...hot damn 20yrs onnnn! now THAT, is what ya call hip-hop R&B crossover classic...ya know what i'm sayin'!!?

    ...16yrs on....still going strong....still Monica...still a rightful R&B Queen..STILL STANDING!!!....this song came at the right moment last year in 2009..needed something like this to lift my soul.....

    'n that's all folks!.. outta here!

    507578_2011062501030117190 507578_2011062501330115158 507578_201106250233018893 507578_201106250303013754 507578_201106250333021367

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  • Hong Kong Underground HipHop Radio Show!

    Sunday, Apr 25, 2010 7:17PM / Members only

    香港地下Hip Hop PRESENTS: "嘻嘻嘻嘻哈哈哈哈" www.mobileradio.hk ... 四個MC, 四個 mic ,一個鐘頭!!! 每逢星期日晚10PM..! 今晚第一集!!!!
    Listen to our first HK underground hip-hop show tonight at www.mobileradio.hk 10pm!!! Support hip-hop..



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  • Quick rhyme

    Monday, Apr 5, 2010 10:12PM / Members only

    dun usually do this.. ah ha...
    but in one ten, things r different....
    thug life......Pac mentality....

    i rip thru 30 words in 30 motherfuckin' seconds,
    u dont' see me rhyme cuz ya all die in heavens...
    i don't pluck,but i thug 'n i don't give a fuck....
    u can't front me cuz you know ya push ya luck
    the spirit of thug life still D R E
    live 'n die like a legend like Easy E
    i admire Malcom but not the one in the middle,
    that ain't funny cuz this ain't no comedy central....

    u hear rhymes about money, car, cash 'n hoes...
    but all i motherfuckin' want is cash 'n flows...
    just like fat joe, j lo, nas 'n r kel
    their lyics could kill but ya gotta have skill....
    but don't get ill, like tha na na foxy brown....
    ya end up like jay Z tryin' to run this town....
    i pack it in, mack it in like tha hoodie mack.
    just like kriss kross jump but lets not flashin' back...

    to tha early 90s.. like tha thug lovin' jodeci....
    or mixing drinks back in Yr 12 chemistry,
    Bobby brown was humping around when whitney's not around...
    so he went 'hit me off' til he lost his music sound..
    back when ginuwine taught us how to ride like a pony..
    while we were all listenin' to tony tone toni...
    back when blackstreet was makin' bootie calls...
    like superman flyin' across niagara falls...

    the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end,
    u come thuggin' me when the shit hits tha fan
    now i'm sitting in a room in shanghai,
    lookin' down twenty five floors but i don't get high.
    i ripped this rhyme in about thirty five minutes....
    its damn too fast but hell i didn't mean it!
    dragons unleashed enter the keys with Alicia,
    Oh shit!

    i forgot that i've got amnesia...

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  • hip-hoppers in HK.

    Monday, Apr 5, 2010 6:06AM / Members only

    Just wanting to give a shout to the world as I have not been on for quite a few months now!

    Anyway, just wanting to find out if there's any hip-hoppers in Hong Kong?

    Gimme a shout if you are ! :)


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  • Blog

    Friday, Jan 22, 2010 4:55AM / Members only


    Well it has been 3 months since the last blog entry so I figured it is time to do an entry.. however it is almost 5 am in the morning HK time so I really should go to bed... hmmm.. journey and new adventures await and with a new start to 2010, things are bound to be better..

    rock on, rock on...

    507578_2011062501330130997 507578_2011062502330124732 507578_2011062503330217206 507578_2011062504030111704 507578_201106250503013773 507578_201106250533011092

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    Just a tiny....part in the movie, not worth watching! But it was a good experience!!
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    Thanks for dropping by!! Please visit again!!
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    hi freeee^^^

    welcome to AnD....

    ur cool.....nice meeting u here....
    thanks for the visit!!!!.....


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    nice to meet u2!!!
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    hello :)
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    hi styl...
    Welcome to AnD!!!!
    May u find watever things dat u wish to find in AnD........
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    hey there ;)
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    Yo! m da 1st one la! hehe
    happy 4 this :))))))
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    hello^^ fre!!
    nice 2 meet ya!


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