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Freeman Chiu

straight up facebook cut 'n paste

feeling lazy today but wanna post i'm just gonna take the short cut 'n just dump the last few clips I've posted on fb.....

this track didn't get 56 million youtube hits for no reason! diz homie'z got it going on aiiii.....!

God created men, women ... 'n then Ciaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Father MC + Jodeci...that was tha early 90s damn 20yrs onnnn! now THAT, is what ya call hip-hop R&B crossover classic...ya know what i'm sayin'!!?

...16yrs on....still going strong....still Monica...still a rightful R&B Queen..STILL STANDING!!!....this song came at the right moment last year in 2009..needed something like this to lift my soul.....

'n that's all folks!.. outta here!

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Hong Kong Underground HipHop Radio Show!


香港地下Hip Hop PRESENTS: "嘻嘻嘻嘻哈哈哈哈" ... 四個MC, 四個 mic ,一個鐘頭!!! 每逢星期日晚10PM..! 今晚第一集!!!!


Listen to our first HK underground hip-hop show tonight at 10pm!!! Support hip-hop..





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Quick rhyme

dun usually do this.. ah ha...

but in one ten, things r different....

thug life......Pac mentality....

i rip thru 30 words in 30 motherfuckin' seconds,

u dont' see me rhyme cuz ya all die in heavens...

i don't pluck,but i thug 'n i don't give a fuck....

u can't front me cuz you know ya push ya luck

the spirit of thug life still D R E

live 'n die like a legend like Easy E

i admire Malcom but not the one in the middle,

that ain't funny cuz this ain't no comedy central....

u hear rhymes about money, car, cash 'n hoes...

but all i motherfuckin' want is cash 'n flows...

just like fat joe, j lo, nas 'n r kel

their lyics could kill but ya gotta have skill....

but don't get ill, like tha na na foxy brown....

ya end up like jay Z tryin' to run this town....

i pack it in, mack it in like tha hoodie mack.

just like kriss kross jump but lets not flashin' back...

to tha early 90s.. like tha thug lovin' jodeci....

or mixing drinks back in Yr 12 chemistry,

Bobby brown was humping around when whitney's not around...

so he went 'hit me off' til he lost his music sound..

back when ginuwine taught us how to ride like a pony..

while we were all listenin' to tony tone toni...

back when blackstreet was makin' bootie calls...

like superman flyin' across niagara falls...

the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end,

u come thuggin' me when the shit hits tha fan

now i'm sitting in a room in shanghai,

lookin' down twenty five floors but i don't get high.

i ripped this rhyme in about thirty five minutes....

its damn too fast but hell i didn't mean it!

dragons unleashed enter the keys with Alicia,

Oh shit!

i forgot that i've got amnesia...

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hip-hoppers in HK.

Just wanting to give a shout to the world as I have not been on for quite a few months now!

Anyway, just wanting to find out if there's any hip-hoppers in Hong Kong?

Gimme a shout if you are ! :)


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Well it has been 3 months since the last blog entry so I figured it is time to do an entry.. however it is almost 5 am in the morning HK time so I really should go to bed... hmmm.. journey and new adventures await and with a new start to 2010, things are bound to be better..

rock on, rock on...

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政府N年前 果二十三條,

癲到日日都 會上過頭條..








我唔得閑同你 講道理!

All these talk about West Kowloon,

I guarantee it ain't gonna happen so soon..

its all just like some big ass jigsaw puzzle,

like big trouble in little china without that Kurt Russell,

I solve cRimes like some gangsta lovin' thug,

It's all just too much then get hit by a truck!??!




搞到D阿伯都要去Phy Si Cal!

講呢講去 都係得個講字,

搞到連慈禧 都發幾張聖旨!





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H to tha K...


yeah... a-ha.... its been 5 months....a-ha....da Stylz is still rhyming....yeah...

Whazup ya'll... whazup ya'll..

yo can stop breathin', yo can stop chillin'

Whazup ya'll... whazup ya'll..

yo can stop thinkin', yo can stop pimpin'

H to tha K 'n ya know this,

H to tha K 'n ya notice!

I once lived on a road they called Nathan,

but ya know that was never a safe haven,

Riots, protests, street hustlers 'n all,

Back in tha 80s i knew i want it ALL...

Listenin' to the facts of life from Long Hair at Mongkok,

he ain't never gonna make it to Boardway of New York!

Out in the West you've got Kayne rhyming,

Here in the East you've got Frestylz frontin',

L.M.F., Ya Sae Mei (24Herbs) & Jin tha M.C,

Kowloon, Hong Kong, N T are just tha main three,

Denzel said "King Kong ain't got shit on me",

Hong Kong's in da shit cuz ya can't plant a damn tree!

H to tha K 'n ya know this,

ya end up 4orty 7even rounds of A K!

H to tha K 'n ya notice,

then why do you look so P K! X 2

now let us switch our rhyme to our neighbhor,

if ya miss it then NOTHING can save ya,

M A C A U is just an hour away,

but don't expect Venetian to come and pay ya way,

This was just a place you get ya Portuguese connection,

now Sands, Wynns and Dreams will take your last denomination!

ya can never go to Cyberport for hot-pot,

'n ya can never blow a typhoon to tycoon,

I put my iPod on 'n chill with Run D M C,

but nuthin's more important than cash in H S B C!

God can't save tha Queen for this Pearl Oriental East,

now its China's turn to come and tame this fucking beast!

H to tha K 'n ya know this,

ya end up 4orty 7even rounds of A K!

H to tha K 'n ya notice,

then why do you look so P K! X 2

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still ALIVE!


I haven't updated my blog for a whlie as I've been busy doing things here 'n there.. Its been a crazy two weeks, and it seems like the weather in HK is finally starting to cool down, which is great as it is still a short-sleeve environment.

busy grilling up something exciting at the moment so once I'm there, it will be exposed!

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Cold Intelligence Arsonist (C.I.A)


It's tha F to tha,C to tha,

I'm Fre to tha,'n Stylz to tha...

its 4am in tha motherfuckin' morning...

i can't sleep til tha day ya'll come 'n mourn me...

i lived in MelbBourNe for 18 yrs,

would tha CIA chase after me becoz I shed no TEARZ?

how can ya Think if u r braindead?

how can ya Punk if u have no head?

The heart is cold with nuthin' but complication,

but its all becoz of this fuck up job situation!

i ain't no al capone, with no home,'n no phone

but if ur in tha zone, then break ya bonez, with Puffy Combs...

oh shit, did I just mention tha East CoAsT????

*i ain't ya average chinaman

cuz i dun do murder like Tienanmen....

this is yet another 90 min(T) prodUCTion,

can't I get a deal with no SeXual sEDuctIon?!

do U want Jay Z to run this Town 2NitE?

or let Arnie tha Governator who made LA his plight?

Did that gal just moved Swiftly cuz she was Taylor-made?

with that West guy tha way he alwayz playa hate!

i spread my marmarlade like Lil Kim style,

Even Missy Elliot can't JAM tha buck wild.....

From the R A P to tha R I P,

with all ya punk ass homiez cannot DEFINE ME!

another rhyme, another dime, this ain't like no other prime.

but if I just that a crime!?

*verse repeat (fading)

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drUGs ConFUsEd!?!

I'm drugs confused........

I spent most of my life livin' in A U S,

but my mind had always been @ H K & U S.

From Fresh Prince, Run DMC to MC Jin,

I get the best of 3 worlds n I'm not making excuses,

cuz shrimps on tha barbie is still so delicious..

I saw 陸永 from 農夫 at Causeway Bay,

SO it wasn't the traffic that was Causin' the DeLay,

While all those little girls were snappin' photo happy,

I'm just glad that it was past five thirty.

Why the fuck do I care what time it is?

If I can break some rhymes 'n tell it like it is!?!

Just came back home to pick up my umbrella,

so this is probably just some brain malfunction error...

The doctor gave me this pill 'n that pill,

'n I said to her 'yo! u've got sex appeal!'

hence the track titled 'I'm drugs confused'

cuz I'm on Drugs 'n I am JUST confused?!?

I am thirty plus another four,

but I assure u I still break the dance floor,

Even though U can only walk 8 steps @ my place,

But I can still flex so I rest my case..

This is just my un-official first track,

I'm listenin' to Eminem for another rap attack....

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