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Warlords tonight

 Go for Warlords tonight ^_^Looking forward to see the ungainliness of the 3 hot guys


Extremely busy recently !!!Anyway ,don't worry ,Dolly's back !Dolly is still loving Andrew!!!


Share you some pic. on my B-day party in CASHBOX


Finally ,I got a nice wallet from Vivian ...Read more

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70年代TVB公认有四大花旦,黄淑仪、李司棋、 赵雅芝汪明荃,四花旦几乎囊括了70年代TVB所有重头剧的女主角,古...Read more

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I lost my cute pink wallet as well as blue Andrew

Last week when I was shopping in WanDa Plaza,I lost my cute pink wallet as well as blue Andrew~Maybe stolen!Gee,there were approx.30cards in that wallet,including credit card,point card, traffic card,beauty salon card,various VIP card for discount and hundreds of coupons...That's too bad.I can't live without cards and coupons!!! And my favorite Andrew's photo was also in ,which I showed you guys in my last blog!

I hope on my birthday this month,s...Read more

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Andrew is everywhere

I make Andrew everywhere in my life,though he lives far from me.Please find attached 1.Andrew on desk screen.width0.7) {this.resized=true; this.width=screen.width0.7; this.alt='Click here to open new window\nCTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out';}" ōnclick="if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('Read more

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Red wine Pejoy is not my collection再也不吃红酒味的百醇啦

Pejoy has got new taste :red wine&chocolate! As a crazy snack specialist, I tried it yesterday.OMG!Too heavy alcohol sapor which I couldn't endure

There was a topic for Conroy"drinking games" on forum,I made the first comment there though I  rarely had drinks: I fall asleep after 5 drops of alcohol.Thus my drinking game is ----sleeping. I loathe alcohol not due to it's intoxication but because of the bad taste.No matter wine,beer or samshu,even liqueur with fruit juice,I think they...Read more

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Back from Shangdong

Yeah~I was in Shangdong for 5 days.But I had no chance to visit Andrew.Anyway ,I enjoyed my stay there,I hope so does Andrew !

It was my first time been to countryside of Shangdong province .Shangdong cuisine is sooooooooo great~with heavy oil/vinegar/soy/chili.The pretty food added me 6 lbs. within 5 days!!! i hope this tragedy didn't happen to Andrew or else the production crew would really hate him cause Andrew lost his nice shape.Though ...Read more

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Lotsa hot boys arrives in SH!!!最近上海来了好多帅哥


上周刚见过我的意大利新同事Grigorio,虽然年纪很小但眼神超级有杀伤力!他会煮超级美味的cappuccino和caramel Macchiato,我遇见他的那个下午,喝了N杯他煮的靓咖啡,害得我一整晚失眠

周末陪Mierko观光上海,他是我一瑞士同事的男朋友的哥哥(关系比较遥远吧),也是第一次来上海.貌似他非常喜欢新天地和茂名路的夜生活,还一直夸上海是东方Las Vegas,喜欢上海菜,但是讨厌上海的甜点.我去接Mierko的时候,他指着我车里Andrew的照片说,这家伙是谁啊?满帅的!是你男朋友吗?我说,他已经结婚啦......Mierko说,啊,不会吧?你暗恋已婚男人???我说,不是啦不是啦,他是我的偶像啦~~然后我又向他详细介绍了亚洲第一帅哥连凯先生的主要成就,就这样Andrew的美名远扬欧洲大陆,嘿嘿

最激动人心的是,本周Andrew 和Conroy都会来上海,可惜不知道具体是什么通告,所以没办法去接机探班 结果昨晚就做了一个好奇怪的梦:在下...Read more

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My princess--Gloria Yip叶蕴仪

I just pass by a pic.of Gloria today, which makes me a bit depressed.The march of time leaves its print on my pretty princess.Gloria was my favo. actress during my elementary school time.She was sooooooo sweet !!!But she married a jerk in her prime...I could not make any comment to her marriage though.

Best wishes to Gloria~~My princess deserves a better man ,a lifetime of happiness~

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My tree was dead

The cute tree died cause I watered her too much!   OMG~~I killed her


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a bad speculator

Yestoday,I bought in a stock and unfortunately it decreases 6.7% today,which makes me quite disappointed!!!The miserable story always happened to me --bought in the highest price and sold out in the lowest price  Though I majored in International Finance at university,it didn't do me any good

Another evil story:I bought lottery last week.When I was checking out the result on sunday evening ,surprisingly I found I got 5 correct Numbers(6 in total)!!!WoW!I could win 5`000.00Yuan according...Read more

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Back in the day of human creation Little Miss Eve made a tasty temptation Adam took a bite with a little hesitation And so goes the story of human procrea

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