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before the snow has totally melted i was able to take some more pictures of it - which i just wanted to insert in this blog - as intro..

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my first glimpse of snow..

ohhh yeaaahhhhh!!i finally saw snow today..  but at first i can't really capture it cause they're too tiny & i thought this is all i could get..  Plus, they melted so fast upon reaching the ground..

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despite headache, i went apple picking...

i was really having a bad headache since friday night & i didn't feel like getting up this morning..i just forced myself to get out of bed but my head was really pounding, it's painful enough to kill me..

hehehe!that's an exaggeration, of course!!  but it's bad enough that i really didn't plan to go out today..but marianne asked me if i wanted to go apple picking with them today ..hmmm that sounds ...Read more

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just another ordinary saturday..to appreciate

oct 18, 08 - saturday - i was wondering how ordinary things seem to be easily get unnoticed..yet if you really pay attention to them, you would realize how special they can be..

i have been passing this same road to the hi way & back home but i always seem to find something new everytime..just wanted to share what i got this time..

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simple things that can make me happy..

yup!i'm an easy to please person..im happy with these simple things..

& nothing beats a good laugh with whom i can share these..everybody's welcome!!

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midweek at the farm

last wednesday i went to "forsythe farms" for busy bee preschool's field trip!!  

i was so amazed by the big pumpkins there..  see how big this one is??

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a film expo..

oct 13 is canada's thanksgiving day..having known weeks ago that i'd be off that day, i thought about where could i possible spend it. i heard about a formal luncheon/film expo for singles members of our church but i said "nah!!" never been fond of attending such activities cause most people who usually go there were just attending for the obvious reason..do i have to spell it out??

but then again, everytime i pass by our bulletin board, i'm getting curious of the poster...Read more

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my recent weekend..

actually for this long weekend i only had plan for monday  i was clueless as to what to do for the first 2 days..i thought about just cleaning  my room, doing the laundry & hybernate cause it's usually true that when you plan something ahead, it would most likely be spoiled..

see, i usually spend the weekend just taking pictures  cause my friends are so busy doing their own things. Read more

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tim hortons coffee

anybody want a coffee??

been having coffee lately every morning cause i always wakes up feeling cold..hmmm winter's coming!!yeeee!!

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