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Exclusive Interview With Diggy Simmons

First and foremost, this fresh kid is nothing to mess, and no one to sleep on. Yes, he is the son of the infamous Rev. Run, and his uncle is Russell Simmons, but he’s got a grind all his own. He’s 14 and already has a clothing line in the works, thousands of blog stans, [...]

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New Era of Femme Fatales; Coco and Breezy

The New Era Femme Fatales; Volume 1. Femme fatale is French for “deadly female”. The term describes an independent woman who is a threat to tradition female gender roles. Corianna and Brianna Dotson, better known as Coco and Breezy epitomize that descrīption. These femme fatales came out of the womb grinding. They are fashion designers, [...]

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Exclusive Interview With Donell Jones

Donell Jones is epic. I have experienced make ups and break ups to his music, so getting this interview was truly a blessing. Donell Jones has hits, after hits, after hits…. from “U Know What’s Up” to “Where I Wanna Be” to “I’ll Go”… all hits. He’s making a comeback, just released a e-CD “The [...]

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SEOULFUL CONCERT EAST MEETS WEST IT’LL BE HISTORY IN THE MAKING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER COME WATCH LEESSANG, MC MONG AND JAY SEAN PERFORM ON ONE STAGE TOGETHER. LEESSANG is a soulful rap duo with passionate lyrics and dope beats. They formed in 2002 and have been a part of the korean hip hop movement since [...]

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Royal Pirates Disappear MV

Note: This is not for their official debut, the music video is for promotional activities only. If you aren’t familiar with the Royal Pirates, you might recognize them from their Kpop covers. Hard to believe they were once from my hometown!

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Sam Adams, Boston’s Boy

Shout out to my boy, Sam Adams. No, not one of the founding father of the United States. Not the beer. (although the Winter lager is quite delicious). Here’s something cooler.

Sam Adams, a young hip-hop artist from Boston, MA. His EP “Boston’s Boy” was released just yesterday on iTunes and is already #1 on the Hip-Hop Album [...]

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This is My Mic

Awesomely entertaining new official music video for the Pseudo Rebels track, “This is My Mic.” Collaborative effort featuring Nicholifavs and some fantastic flash-mobbing by fans and friends. Directed by FR*A’s own DPD!

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Kollaboration Goes Global 2010

Well maybe we’re not quite GLOBAL yet, but watch out world, because it’s going to happen one day. Since Kollaboration has pretty much blown up all over FR*A right now, I thought it was fitting to share this awesome new promotional video for Kollaboration 10 (March 6th at the Shrine Auditorium, don’t be late!) as [...]

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Ain’t Gonna Tie Me Down

This goes out to all the single people out there. Tie Me Down (New Boyz Cover) – Seriously the Band

Now let’s all grab a bowl of jjajangmyun together!

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I Love Hip Hop! Murs w/ Dead Prez

Murs and Dead Prez will be playing 4thandB on Feb. 12 in what will surely be another sick show for both artists. Murs, who last Spring played Tech9’s Sickology Tour never stops progressing and delivering some the smoothest, conscious forward lyrics in hip hop despite going major two years ago. And Dead Prez with their [...]

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