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The spirit of Eagle is admirable. Human should learn from it.

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[endif]Eagle has long life up to 70 years. It has patient to survive. To live till 70 years, he has to pass though a hard decision. It’s talons works properly till 40 years. After 40 years, it’s talons becomes weak and can’t grab prey. It’s long and sharp beak also becomes bent. It’s thick feathers become stuck to chest due to heavy wings and can’t fly freely. Then Eagle has left only two options: either die or pass through a painful process of the changes, which lasts 5 months. When Eagle reached near 40, it’s beak,talon and feathers becomes weak. For new life, agle makes one hard decision. Eagle flies on top of a mountain and sits on nest. Then Eagle strikes its beak against a rock and pull it out. After that it waits for new beak to grow. Then it starts plucking out it’s talons. New talons grow back. Then it plucks its old and thick feathers. Now the painful process completed and it has to wait for 5 month to recover. After that it can make its fly to sky and can enjoy new birth. Now it can live 30 years more.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S-EX8QJZ0kThe Legend of the Eagle may be a myth, but it is one that gives insight. Many times in our own lives, we also have to face hard decisions that lead us to the need of a rebirth process. To embrace challenges and changes is never an easy assignment. Sometimes we have to learn how to detach ourselves of traditions, concepts, addictions and old costumes. Even old memories can hold us from flying higher in our lives. The tales regarding Eagles and Humans are very similar, both have tough choices to make during their lifetimes. Those decisions will determine the height and the magnitude of their flight and existence. The transition from one state to another is rarely effortless. Sometimes, it is very painful. But without this change, we would not grow and become who we are meant to be. Freedom is a conquered state of mind.

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A very good article to emphysize the meaning of reform and rebirth which is a pains taking process. Human faces many choices all the time and once the right option is chosen, it will lead to a totally different destination.
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