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Monday night...what???!!!!

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The tattoo I did not get

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Rode pass an accident scene just b4 the serangoon viaduct. Hope they're not too badly hurt....

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Always nice to see a familiar. Cheers bro ;)

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Throwback to the previous century. Things I did with my ex girlfriend aka wife.

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this rain is keeping me from going out for beer sigh

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"Unspoken". shot last July. as seen on http://www.mm2moviemakers.com/

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all it takes, to change the world for the better, is a person with a great idea...as long as s/he doesn't care whether s/he gets the credit

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if you want me to audition for your production and you don't yet know which role i might be cast in eventually, then doesn't it make sense that you tell me the rates for all the roles i could possibly be cast in? should i even have to ask? because otherwise, i'm not attending your audition. and neither will i send you a self-recorded audition video. auditioning is "work" to an actor. i want to know how much money i'm "working" towards. is that too much to ask?

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turned down a bollywood role...

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I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w

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