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need beer...now

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never back down

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Anyone in bukit merah area wanna la kopi?

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Oh how my perspective has changed over the years...can't believe i actually said this

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This plate of mixed rice cost $3.40 at lor liew lian, near my old place. Around sengkang where i live now, it'd b around $4.50. Why did i have to move????

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i don't need a reason but if i did, this'd do

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"...the fact that an idea is cherished only tells you that it is cherished. the amount of time that an idea has been around, the number of people who support it, the sincerity of the people who support it.... none of those things in any way tell you how likely it is that the idea is a good idea..."

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75 plates between 7 people...ughhhhh what a rush...i mean lunch! ;)

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My early acting CV covering 2003 to 2006

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For 3 weeks I'd been delaying getting a haircut so as to better look the part for a student film. But now that they've cancelled on me, i can go get it trimmed and hopefully land a 'decent' role next.

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I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w

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