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Fish Chaar * official artist

here's the online advert for my flat. do share with ppl u know who r looking. :)

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How ya like me now?

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All done with "Mata Mata"

it's been a wonderful 22 days, spread over 3 months, shooting Roy's scenes all over Singapore and Penang.

a big "Thank You" to everyone involved, on and off the sets/ locations. :D

can't wait for the new season to air on 1st September!!!!!

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Picture me looking like this guy...

in Netflix's "Marco Polo", set to premiere in late 2014.

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Barely Halfway Thru...

...shooting my scenes for Mata Mata - The New Era.

So far i've been...


Staying up late...

Made to look 6 inches taller...

Put on a plane to Penang (13 May )...

Hanging with the boyz...

Looking over my shoulder...

Taking selfies in a moving car ( Tianwen's driving btw )...

Put on a plane to Penang a second time (20 May)...

Served beer in a bowl at a pub in Penang...


Fascinated by Penang street art...

it's been quite a ride so far.

Who knows what the 2nd half will bring?

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keep a look out for "Mata Mata - A New Era" coming in September 2014

duncha dare miss it, hear?

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ZERO CALLING - Ep 6 screenshots

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ZERO CALLING - Ep 5 screenshots

an inspector of the CID by day...

...but come nightfall...

...all bets are off.

" put down the knife "

* over there *

" now take off that rdiculous mask "

"now, i want to know "

" how did you find out about me "

"answer me! "

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Fish Chaar * official artist

Actor, Stuntperson, Singer


I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w ...Read more

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