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fatima zohra


hello guys i back again after 3 years!!!! any one is here????

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hiiiiiiiii friends



sorry i'll not be online for few days :)

i'll miss u brothers & sisters 

see u all after few days ♥♥♥

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Allah is my best friend


 "What if I find you a friend who will never betray you. In fact, if you are disloyal to him and after years of disloyalty, you go back to him saying, "O my friend! Forgive me. I want to be your friend again," he will immediately accept you again as a friend. Where can you find such a loyal friend? Turn to Allah and make friendship with Him!"

"Allah is a Merciful God who wants to forgive us and His Mercy tries to find excuses for forgiving us. We must take advantage of the time that we have in this life and seek forgiveness and amend our ways. May Allah give us the ability to seek His forgiveness and amend our ways. Ameen"

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America's Got Talent 2010 - Kung Fu Heroes "Tommy Leng"


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dear friends

   i'm so sorry..i'll not be here for a week ...bzc i have many thingsto fixe it..and many problems to solve so i need to consentrate nowi'll miss all of u..its hard on me..but i need to go...all what i ask for uplease pray for me...i need ur prayers...1-mum & my brother are too i'll be with them..they need me!! 2-i have a case against my universty because they refused to gave me my diploma..i'll try the civil court...( long story )any way...bye bye my best brothers & sisters in the whole worldddddddddddddd HUGS & KISSS      

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songs from maynmar ( burma )


Video: Video: Video:          thanx so much aung for those songs & happy birthday 

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the meaning of " I would never hurt you" is "I will cause you the worst pain in your life"...personnal experiance ...Read more

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