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i feel your heart

If I were to describe the movie I'm about to give a review on, "blast from the past" and "back to the future" are phrases that would not suffice. Yes, as you may have guessed, the concept is very technology oriented. However, unlike most technology oriented movies, it didn't go heavy with the futuristic gadgets.

Starring Keisuke Koide (Hyuuga Kosuke of ) and Haruka Ayase (Nao T...Read more

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brave song

What is a brave song?

A brave song is a song that motivates you when you're having doubts about a certain choice you made. It sides with you even if it knows that you're on the wrong path. And it makes you go forward without looking at what you've left behind.

For some time, I wasn't sure of which brave song I should follow. But last night, I remembered this song while I was trying to calm myself inside Jen's bathroom.

I guess I made a choice after all...

Happily Never After

"I don&...Read more

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10 happy thoughts for the day

I got tagged by Angela. So before I go to sleep, I shall fulfill the task ^-^

Rules: Write down 10 happy thoughts for the day. Then tag 10 persons in your contacts.

  1. Having a conversation with my best friend :)

  2. My best friend is half-way through realizing how beautiful love could be. :P

  3. Spending time with Patty and Micki :)

  4. Jumbo playing cards XD

  5. Micki is a monkey! :P

  6. Marc looks like a girl with his new haircut XP

  7. Read more
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love of siam

My Thai fandom?

It started long ago when I fell in love with Sattawat Sethakorn in the Chinese TV series . Then, it was revived momentarily when Golf and Mike made their debut in Japan as a special unit (with Yamapi) of Johnny's Entertainment. Then, I came across B.O.Y., one of Thailand's most popular boy bands today.

But actually, it was when I watched the much acclaimed and awarded mo...Read more

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talk to me


Picked a Christmas card,

and filled it with best wishes.

Addressed it to the heart...

Will you be able to receive it?

The weather is a bit cold.

The wind is a bit strong.

The city is quiet with the noise.

This winter, I am going home alone.

Asked myself, have I gotten used to it?

Without you, the echoes at night become very loud.

Is there a good way

to let the loneliness listen to me?

How have you been lately?

Are you also struggli...Read more

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Because of our careless neighbor, home sweet home is not so sweet anymore. Don't worry, our house is still . It's just not livable at the moment...

Even if most of the ceilings were already taken down, things can still be repaired. It will definitely take time though, so you won't be seeing much of me in Pasay these coming weeks.

It's okay... It's not like any of you goes there...Read more

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As the month of October is getting nearer, a certain fish someone is trying to get my attention ahihihi XDBut isn't it his since day one? ^-^=============

Last July 27, 2008, Super Junior had its 1000th Day Party. According to fan reports, it was such an amazing event. It felt very warm and nostalgic even if Donghae, Hankyung, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyu Hyun were not present due to Super Junior M duties.

A lot of things happened, but the highlight of the party was actually Teukie's speech:

Super Junior will always...Read more

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