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I just finished re-watching the 2005 Korean drama, Wedding, which stars Ryu Shi Won and Jang Nara. Somehow, I can't "escape" from it. I find myself unusually attached to its story.

I am not really sure how to articulate how I feel right now, but I guess it's like an indescribable after-taste. It's almost similar to how I felt after watching Ken Chu's ... just much vaguer. It's like I long for the story not to end, even if the ending was something I favored. It's like a past that I still want to live in the present.

I'm not making any sense again, am I? Yeah, this is the result of hiding often in my fantasy world :P

I can sense another "tsk" from Lalay. Ahahaha! But it's okay... She just doesn't understand because she's not fond of watching Asian dramas like I am. If ever, though, I'm recommending to her. Because it is one of the most "real" dramas I've seen. Also, although the situations depicted in it are not exactly the same as mine, I was able to relate to this simple-but-complex love story a lot of times. I guess it also explained a lot of things I could not explain.

I wonder if this post helps. I can't be any more direct than this. Ahahaha!

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