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unidentified flying of koko

Anyeonghaseyo! Koko imnida (^-^)v

How is everyone? I know things are going to get hectic again, so I hope you guys make sure to eat lots and rest well.

As for me... I think I've been watching too much lately that I even decided to change my nickname to . Haha! But it's all good because most people are actually granting my request :P

Anyway, the past three days have been very memorable for me.

Last Friday, I had a reunion with my Baguio Babes (Lalay, Yayyo, and Steffi). We went to St. Paul - Malate's Fleur de Lis to watch Tao Rin Pala, and to support the Wong Wong brothers, whose group is a contestant in the dance category of the said event. They won, by the way. So congratulations to Superman and the leader of the goons! (^-^)/

Earlier, on the other hand, I had lunch with the P's of my life (PH and Pete) at Pizza Hut - Taft. And, as expected, our conversation went from fun to serious to educational to hilarious to dramatic to fun. In short, we had a great time talking to each other.

Because of these two events, I was reminded why friendship is the thing I value most in this world. I may have misunderstood its purpose for a few months, but I believe my mind is clear from confusion already. And I think my heart is ready to beat again.

So as I take on this new identity, I hope nothing goes wrong this time around. I am excited to be happy (^-^)

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