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graduation day

So tomorrow's graduation day huh? Seriously, I am not excited at all.

Yesterday, my dad got admitted to the hospital. His abdomen was in severe pain, and he was feeling very dizzy. He was supposed to accompany me buy stuff I needed for my commencement exercises. But we postponed it due to his condition.


His blood was tested for sugar level and platelet count every now and then; his urine was also examined; he was not allowed to eat or drink anything; he was asked to have an ultrasound and a CT scan as well. He might undergo surgery tonight or tomorrow morning.

In short, he won't be able to attend the "big event" tomorrow.

Even though I kind of expected it already, I won't deny that I am sad (and a bit disappointed) right now. I really wanted him to see me graduate. After all, I worked so hard for the past 3 and a half years just so he could hang that Cum Laude medal around my neck. Now, someone who did not (and does not) even play a vital role in my life will be doing that instead of him. How am I supposed to celebrate then?

I know it's no one's fault, that is why I am not really angry. Plus, I am more concerned of his health. I'm just really depressed right now. I can't control the tears as I see him blame himself for not being able to witness me ascend that PICC stage.

So... graduation? めんどくさい. I honestly do not have a reason to go anymore. I'd rather stay in the hospital and take care of the person I dedicate my academic achievements to.


Happy Birthday, Tita Gina! (^-^)/

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