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goodbye dlsu

Jay left for America. 2pm is the first non-SME group that I became an official fangirl of. I may not speak of them often, but I am silently supporting them. When the news of Jay's departure greeted me this morning, I already knew my day would be a disaster.

I am no longer a dean's lister. I received my first ever 1.5. But really, I have no right to complain. I wasn't exactly the best student in that class though I tried hard to pass. Our thesis did not win MOTA. I really feel it's my fault for not being able to present and defend our thesis well. It is also my fault that our brochure and document were not written in a commendable manner. I am very sorry to everyone I disappointed T_T

The party did not go well for me.If I was really with him, would it even matter to you? Would you have been disappointed?I wanted to kiss you... but then I remembered I was giving you up.

My eyes are tired from crying already. I am out of tissue too. Can someone please stop my tears from falling?

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