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first update of 2009

So today is supposed to be my first day back to school... but my feelings are nowhere near excited. It's weird because before, I always find myself anticipating what the new term will bring me. Now, I don't even want to think about it. I guess I'm just really tired already U_U

Lalay and I had a date yesterday. I discovered that I am getting weaker in drinking alcohol these days. But it's good because I want to "live clean" this year. We talked about personal issues, and it's just how things developed for the two of us. I am glad we had that conversation.

And oh! I think I've been watching too many Korean shows again. Actually, that's the only thing I did this Christmas break that's why my thinking is out of focus once more XD My best friend needs to get a beating because he's trying to rekindle old flame. But I can't blame him because he doesn't really intend it to happen. He's just naturally like that... hot and all. Ahahaha! My brother makes me love him more as each day passes, and I miss my fish so much T_T I really can't wait for his comeback.

Anyway, I'm off to the exercising machines now. I need to work hard in order to avoid any regrets later on. Anyeong!

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