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another entry?

Wow, I must really be inspired these days. I am actually kind of surprised that this is my fifth post for the month. Looks like I have so much time in my hands, right? Nah~

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone with what's going on with me. And I also wanted to list down some random thoughts I have. So, here they are:

  • I watched last Saturday with Bryan, Airi, and Mike.

  • I am in the January 24, 2009 issue of Plaridel, which is one of DLSU's official newspapers.

  • I am now a fan of Jay Chou. And his movie, , is already one of my favorites.

  • I love Korean variety shows like and .

  • I love my INTFILO (Introduction to Philosophy) class, and I admire Ms. Laureen very much.

  • Arvi and I are getting to spend more time together, which makes me very happy.

  • Monday breakfast is the best way to start the week.

  • Friday chillin' is the best way to end the week.

  • E-mails and text messages from Bea are love.

  • Getting my 2009 Super Junior Photobook and Calendar is love.

  • Kuya Micky is love.

There. My past two weeks in a nutshell.


I hate the way you pretend I'm not there. And the way I wish you said hi.

I hate the way your eyes are so intimidating. And that they're so comforting at the same time.

I hate the way I get nervous whenever the two of us are near.

I hate the way I get whenever your voice, I could hear.

I hate the way you make me feel this way, even though you're nobody to me.

I hate the way you make me want to hope, even though it could never be.

I hate the way I could never tell you, how all these make me confused.

I hate that you don't like me. I hate that you don't know it. I hate that I like you.

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