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Happy to sketch my 2 blocks shapes right now, shading part is wt I should pay more attention to, n be more sensible about the light n shading.











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FIlm again

Watched Echoes of Rainbow, it is amazing !

I cried for several times and it was wiping me 2 whole tissue paper.

THe content is quite rich, full of positive message given out to let us to believe in our own life.

What I like the best is they are using the word of chinese character "shoe", which is composed of the half character of hard and well at the same time, metaphoring life have both good and hard time. After going thru some hard times, good times will be then. Like when we are walking, one step of hard time a...Read more

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Like a dream

Hi everyone ! Today is my first day to come here to start my new page of my long-already-ready's blog.

I know this blog-ring and like it to be my permanet personal blog coz of Daniel Wu, he is my fav. artist in the world. Not only his look but his artistic style that I felt  when I knew that he studied architecture and founded martial art in Carnifornia. Also, I admire his value on love now that having a mature long -lasting love relationship with her gf., Lisa S. I like Lisa S too. She is so elegant, well-presented and has confidenc...Read more

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