Faye Leung
演员, 模特儿, 舞蹈家
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Anali is celebrating 7 years anniversary party with mama. 😘😘 #houseofdancingwater… https://t.co/HqFV4myx80

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We are officially on one week holiday, where technical are working hard to do maintenance on the… https://t.co/ZoXk7TzqNN

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“It’s in you moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Photo by: leewaileung… https://t.co/BfXNGNEb54

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"Sometimes, all we need is little magic, and it will happen right in the middle of everyday… https://t.co/nmaoc5wLug

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Congratulations to everyone at the The House of Dancing Water, we have reached our 3000th… https://t.co/cfYwlMYNoT

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"Sometimes life is about risk everything for a dream only you can see." Photo credit:… https://t.co/XAEECVnrTs

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Happy Baby 🤗🤗 @studiocitymacau #kidscity #breastfedbaby #babygirl #breastfeeding #10months… https://t.co/SkPRDnw0rd

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Happy 10 months!!! Special day start with home cooked health meal 😋😋#babylove #babygirl… https://t.co/6zM2tkjWSO

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"When you believe in yourself, you have 100% of the people you need on your side." Photo credit:… https://t.co/7Ot3dOVIfo

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Happy Anniversary, My Love 😘 7 years together ❤️ jeskovondensteinen #love #loveofmylife… https://t.co/x2DDXextpi


A girl love being on stage 😉😉


Hong Kong, Macau
April 18, 2008

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