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Rock the bed with sexercises

sexercise for menWhen it comes down to it, most people want to know if sexercise is really the key not only to a fit body, but to a better sex life. The answer if a definite yes. But there’s still one question left unanswered:

Can anyone tell me what these sexercises are? Sexercises or a sexercise is a little exercise that does only one thing: it helps you get fit while you have sex. When we say “sexercise” we understand sexual positions that are customized so that you can burn more calories while you have sex, thus helping you lose weight without having to spend hours in a gym – you can instead, spend that time having sex, which, in my humble opinion, is much better and a whole lot more fun!

So, when it comes to a definition of sexercise, that would be: a sexual position or a position used duringforeplay that is specially tailored to work your muscles more, so that you lose weight, get a good cardio workout, and get fit, all in once!

No matter if we’re talking about beginner sexercises or advanced sexercises, all these modified sexual positions do one thing: they help you burn fat while you’re in the sack! And what’s great is that you can sexercise anytime with anyone, and still get a good workout that will help you stay fit.

Break down the sexercise books ( sexerciseclasses.blogspot.com) walls sexercising at any time with anyone as often as you want! However, each time you’ll have sex from now on, you’re going to burn calories and lose weight! There are sexercises for men, as there are sexercises for women, and your age or sexual orientation doesn’t really matter! But how exactly do sexercises improve one’s sex life? Sexercises are new sexual positions. What you do is to learn new positions and hence become a better lover. And that’s just the start! If you sexercise regularly you’ll get in an amazing shape and you’ll have an extended sexual repertoire, which will turn you into a sex master! It’s needless to say that men might think that if they sexercise too rigorously they’ll finish fast and they’ll seem insatiable. Well, you won’t, as long as you don’t go full throttle and you don’t choose the weirdest sexercise on your first date! Plus, there are books that can help you last longer in bed. Women have the same fear: if they do it too fast they’ll seem insatiable and they won’t come. Not rushing things is the way to go.

Naturally, no matter if you’re a guy or a gal, and you use asexercise routine during your act you shouldn’t say that you’re sexrcising. Why? Because they might take it the wrong way and think that you’re using them as training partners, not as sexual partners.

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