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Hey everyoneAfter 8 days of constantly checking the page, and encouraging people to vote for us, we made it. The time for voting has finally ended. Yayy!!!Although AnD are still finalising the results, we wanted to thank everyone who have supported us along the way. We couldn't have done it without you guys! So thanks to everyone who voted for us! We only came this far because of you.We would also like to thank for organizing this wonderful opportunity, where small bands like us can get a chance to play with Linkin Park!Now its up to Linkin Park to choose the band, and we would like to wish all the other top 5 bands good luck!Whether we get picked or not, we would see you guys on August 16th because this is one concert we do not want to miss!THANK YOU EVERYONE- Fall in Lineoh. and check outbidebakon youtube. hes awesome. kind of (

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ZOMG 24 hours

Hey guys, there is one more day left until the Linkin Park contest is over! If you haven't voted yet, visit the link and vote now!

We also wanted toTHANK the people who have voted and supported us all the way! And to people who haven't voted yet, DO IT

- Jon, Fall in Line

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Hi guys

It has come to my attention that my band is the object of accusation for cheating.

I would like to clarify that we did not cheat and would never consider cheating. We worked hard to film the video and meet the deadline. Like every band in this competition, it would be a dream come true to share the stage with Linkin Park, but like all the other contestants (I hope) we neither participated nor was aware of cheating to rack up votes.

It is hurtful to be accused of - after taking DELIBERATE EFFORTS TO PLAY IT LEGIT - being dirty little perpetrators of cheating. Please know your facts before making such hurtful claims.

It is true that we had garnered a disproportional amount of votes. Indeed, logging in at work and seeing how many votes we'd gotten, I myself was just as surprised as anyone else. But having been deducted over 300 votes (whilst no other band received any perceivable fine), we are just as much the victim of the fallacies of internet voting as any other band.

Call me naive and stupid, but (as I stated in my previous post) I genuinely believed that one of the great things about this internet competition was that inexperienced unexposed bands such as Fallinline could even be considered in the same breath as artists such as Gong Wu, 24 Herbs and FBI - all of whom we have seen at live gigs and whom we deeply admire and respect. But perhaps I truly am just naive and stupid.

Do not accuse us of cheating because we have not cheated. It is very possible that our friends and family may have gotten overexcited and spread a viral (for example, I knwo for a fact that a friend of mine told her college friends in the US about the comp and made them make accounts on AnD) or perhaps even made multiple accounts because they wanted to see us win.

But the very bottom absolutely sincere line is that we did not cheat; furthermore we did not ask for nor encourage people to spam our candidacy with votes. As i said before, we took deliberate efforts to play it fair - for example, one of our good friends asked us if he wanted us to have him make more accounts to rack up votes. We flatly and firmly told him no and begged him to tell anyone else to not do that. And to be insinuated with cheating after all this?

If the AnD administrators have found that malpractice was involved with our votes, I absolutely encourage them to level it out back to a fair playing field. However, not on behalf of my band, but personally, I feel that the extent of the penalty is disproportional to perhaps what other bands may have received.

But hey what do i know, right?

With absolute deepest sincerity I apologize if we have upset anybody in the past couple of days.

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Blog: Sunday, Aug 2

Hi guys - first blog!

Only 2 weeks till the show, can't wait to check out Linkin Park

First of all, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who voted for us, its so awesome that you dig our stuff. Kudos to Linkin Park and AliveNotDead for organizing this competition - the internet is a fascinating tool, one that has allowed us to put our names out there. It has allowed friends from Australia all the way to the US to check us out.

The HK music scene being how it is - oversaturated with cantopop and bubblegum poster boys - it is once in a lifetime that 5 high school kids even get a chance to share the stage with LINKIN PARK. So thanks again to the band, AliveNotDead, friends, family and everyone who voted for us.

On a finishing note, I just want to thank everyone (again). Thanks, and tell all your friends to sign-up, log-in and vote for the band they want to see at Macau!


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Linkin Park Contest Entry - VOTE FOR US!

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