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堕天乐队 堕天乐队

Live w/ Mnemic 4th May 2010!!!

Great band!

just mosh for us and mnemic!


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Dream comes true! Perform w/ In Flames and Lamb of God!

When I am a student in UK.

I used lots time for watching Metal shows.

Slayer, Lamb of God, All shall perish, Bleed through,In Flames and so on.

All the money was send on tickets,gas and beer.


Some UK friends think im weird.

Why U send so many money on showings?

coz these kind of metal bands will never come to China for tours.

But Im wrong.

In Flames and Lamb of God will come to beijing this year.

and Im very very lucky!

my band will be performed with them.

this is a great honour to us.

1.27.2010 - In Flames

4.11.2010 - Lamb of God

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We R the Falling



堕天 / the Falling.

the angels or Immortals who wanna enjoy the extremest freedom to instead of staying in the God's Heaven and Kingdom.

Just like us.

5 Rockers who get crazy about the stage, wall of death and circle pit to instead of abidng by old rules.

A Groovecore Band from Great Beijing.

Falling at 666 (2006.06.06).

Dont be like a sissy girl. Just move the body w/ our music.

Welcome to the Falling's Heaven.


the Members:

Vocal: 王昱天 / Yu-Tian.W

Guitar: 汪民 / Min.W

Guitar: 孙长志 / Ryan.S

Bass: 黄融 / Roy.W

Drum: 张哲 / Jason.Z



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堕天乐队 堕天乐队


Holding ur breath. Our music and ur screams will became a destructive shockwave to break all. Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Duo Tian's heaven! ...Read more

English Name The Falling
Fans 63
Traditional Chinese Name 堕天
Location Beijing