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Faith杨馥蔚 '简单生活' nominated for e乐最佳本地独立制作专辑 @ 新加坡e乐大赏 Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010!

Such a surprise! Yesterday I received a call from SPH informing me that my 1st solo album '简单生活' has been nominated!I am content! Coz I know how all these awards work. However, I would still like to thank SPH for their support for me and for the rest of our local indie artistes in Singapore. It's U who makes up the musi...Read more

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Faith杨馥蔚's 1st solo showcase as part of Hennessy Artistry 15 July 2009.

It was such an interesting experience. From '2 Gals' period, we had hardly performed in a club environment. Lol! It was kind of a culture shock... but the good thing was that, there were a lot of supporters in the midst of the club regulars. So it was comforting to see their faces and smiles.  This time around, I had the pleasure of worki...Read more

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Faith杨馥蔚’s 1st solo debut 简单生活 Simple Living is Officially Launched and Available on shops listed and online now!

After more than 2 years in the making, we are happy to announce the release of Faith杨馥蔚's debut solo album ' 简单生活 Simple Living'. :)

Those of you from overseas who wish to get a copy through internet mail-order, you can do so through rebirth's web store at  http://www.rebirth.sg/shop.html. If you happen to be in Singapore. The album is available at shops listed ...Read more

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Faith杨馥蔚's Latest Music Video '左手右手' Out!

One hand represents your 'Dream' and the other ‘Love’. Which would you go for? It’s a difficult decision... Nevertheless, in life, we sometimes need to make a choice. And learn to let go and move on… and be strong.

It's downloadable at www.rebirth.sg/shop.html. :)   Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w8bvyDLqAs&feature=channe...Read more

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Faith杨馥蔚(杨孝芬)Rebirth 重生 MV!

Hi Friends! Finally the 'Rebirth' MV is completed! :)  Thanks to Tan Khiang and his team! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkDLKFuoxdw&feature=related用祢独一无二的爱换取这重生. "把忧愁交给我, 这是对你的承诺.“吐出灰色的心跳迎接蔚蓝天空. 朝向新的目标, 再踏上这旅程


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Generic Electronica Version of Simple Living 简单生活

This is a Graphics representation of the song 'Simple Living/简单生活'. It's not an MV. More of a VJ's creative image on this version. Enjoy! :) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6Oy1hOogLE&feature=channel_page

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Screening of 'Lost Love 失去爱' in Singapore 18 April 2009

Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dELlIYnAhKg&feature=channel_pageIt was an interesting experience.  Faith杨馥蔚's first time acting in a short film! The most important thing from this shoot is, there's healing to the parties involved at the end of the completion. And we are glad that we are of some help in the process. :)

Section: Singapore Panorama Shorts 1

Date: 18 Apr...Read more

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‘2个女生’今年农历希望单曲’爆,爆,爆! 爆个满堂红!!!

Photo: EMI(Taiwan)

先拜个年!’2个女生‘祝大家2009身体安康,万事如意,幸福乐观!Justine廖永其来新两个多月了, 虽然能和父母家人聚在一起, 还是会想念自己建立多年Chicago的家。 她在一月二十号, 一完成了与Faith杨馥蔚’重拾笑容’的单曲就和家人愉快离新,远赴美国过年去了。突然间! 在二十三日一早, 馥蔚正半醒半梦间接到了通不熟的电话。。。心里想,那么早会是谁? 竟然是永其?!!哎? 那么快就想念好友?真幸福呀!原来,永其和家人一回到的家时,因温差太大,造成他们心爱的家,水管破裂! 整个屋子象在下瀑风雨似的。。。无家可归。。。 而且现在Chicago那儿温度可达零下26度!太可怕了! 这是12年以来最冷的冬季。。。兴好永其在那儿交了好友, 雪中送炭,让永其和家人能安心完暖地过年。他们留永其一家一起过年团圆。一起庆祝。...Read more

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‘2个女生/2 Gals' coming 'back' 2gether? :)

Photo: EMI(Taiwan) ‘2 Gals/2个女生‘ got back 2gether ?  Yes!  We hope to bring some comfort with this new piece of music to our friends and fans during this low moody period.The Single ' 重拾笑容/Smile Again' will be launched on the 02022009! Will put up the details shortly. Meanwhile,  let's all be more positive! :) 

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'Looking for Melquíades' - Rebirth(Faith杨馥蔚) in Collaboration with New-York based Colombian visual artist, Luis Cantillo.

'Looking for Melquíades', an exhibition by its 12th artist-in-resident, New-York based Colombian visual artist, Luis Cantillo. A photography project that sets to portrait one of the most fascinating characters from the book by renowned Latin-American writer Gabriel Garcia Márque.Rebirth(Fait...Read more

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