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Working and working and working and...

Hey my frieds, I know there is a long time that I don't show up, but I MISS YOU ALL everyday. Unfortunately my time is short, but remember that I think about you all the time.I am prospecting clients on Asia, to see if someday I can visit you guys. I am trying hard Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Let's see If I can sell at least 2 containers/month. This is a very good excuse to buy air tickets and make a business trip.That's it.Hugs to all.Fábio

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good luck Fabio!
over 11 years ago
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Good Luck maybe you can come you California.. take care and i will see you later :) ML, ME
over 11 years ago
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It's good to see that you're still alive and kicken!!! Don't work to hard, as they say all work and no play makes Fabio a dull boy...or is that Jack...never mind...don't supposed you'd wanna visit the market competition? hahahaha just kidding!!!
over 11 years ago
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fabio! we missed you too! i hope and pray u reached all ur goals! just tell me when ur in manila.. i will definitely make a excuse to see u there! hehehhe..(just make sure its a weekend) hehehhe
over 11 years ago
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bro u r welcome.........
over 11 years ago


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