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New Everything

Dear fellows,

I can't even remember the last time I've got connected here, but I'm back. The subject explains exactly the moment I'm living.

I've got promoted (still working for the same company), I've moved to other (and bigger) city and I have found a new love to share my victories and defeats.

I decided to make 2011 differently from the past years. Different goals, different challenges and different way of living life, respecting my body and soul.

I wish you guys all the best!




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Oi amigo! Happy 2011 and I hope you're doing great! And welcome back, off course! Yeah, you're right, lets make this 2011 different from previous years! I wish you a good one! Best regards, Jorge Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
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Nice to see you back, Fabio!!! I hope 2011 far out strips 2010 by a mile. And by the sounds of things, for you, it's off to a great start. xo
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