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Africa - Yeah I am back!

My good friends, I am back! Finally! I had good days in Africa. Maputo is a really beautiful city and the business was well too. But I have lived days of hell in the very first day and the last day.The system is corrupt, the employees of the International Airport of Maputo robbed my camera and the powercable of my laptop. I spent lots of money on both items, and nobody cares overthere. I tried the local police, the customs, the airport administration and the airways company and the answer were the same: it is not our responsability. But lets forget the bad part, because I spent 10 good days there. People are simple and with a good heart, they love brazilians and I was very well treated. I went to night club in the last day and I liked a lot. For those who thinks that Africa is wild, that's not true. I stayed one night in Johannesburgh (south africa) and I just get back to Brazil with a new dream: I WANT TO LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA. I have seen a lots of Mercedes and BMW, lots of huge companies and the hotel that i spent the night, WOW ... AMAZING.Sorry for not beeing here in the past days, i have been busy at work but i am ALIVE.=)Hugs to you all my friends.

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welcome back fabio! missed u! hope everything is fine with now that ur back in brazil! =)
over 11 years ago
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great to see you back Fabio!!! *hugs*
over 11 years ago
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great to have you back!
over 11 years ago
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wow welcome back brother.. thanks 4 d replied.. the camera u just bought few months ago? it suck!!!! how can the police said that "non of business"? SOUTH AFRICA...no idea haha...just knw tat no a place 4 travel hihi...maybe u have to post up some pict...so maybe will change my mind...hihi
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