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Let the transformation begin!

As told before, this year is going to be different. So, let the transformation begin!


Body and mind fighting for one purpose!

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New Everything

Dear fellows,

I can't even remember the last time I've got connected here, but I'm back. The subject explains exactly the moment I'm living.

I've got promoted (still working for the same company), I've moved to other (and bigger) city and I have found a new love to share my victories and defeats.

I decided to make 2011 differently from the past years. Different goals, different challenges and different way of living life, respecting my body and soul.

I wish you guys all the best!

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Good and Old Times - Back to 2003.


AND SOME BLUES AND ROCK'n'ROLL TO WARM THE SOUL! Yes, there is an harmonica on the...Read more

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NEW MSN - Friends please ask me in PVT.

I am using a new msn e-mail. Friends please ask me in pvt. =)

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Sales Team

Good friends from work! =) I just love to be at Tangara Foods Sales Team!!!

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Working and working and working and...

Hey my frieds, I know there is a long time that I don't show up, but I MISS YOU ALL everyday. Unfortunately my time is short, but remember that I think about you all the time.I am prospecting clients on Asia, to see if someday I can visit you guys. I am trying hard Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Let's see If I can sell at least 2 containers/month. This is a very good excuse to buy air tickets and make a business trip.That's it.Hugs to all.Fábio

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Africa - Yeah I am back!

My good friends, I am back! Finally! I had good days in Africa. Maputo is a really beautiful city and the business was well too. But I have lived days of hell in the very first day and the last day.The system is corrupt, the employees of the International Airport of Maputo robbed my camera and the powercable of my laptop. I spent lots of money on both items, and nobody cares overthere. I tried the local police, the customs, the airport administration and the airways company and the answer were the same: it is not our responsability. ...Read more

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Rave party last weekend...

It was around 2:30 pm...i was dancing since 2:00 am. Electronic music rocks! =)))

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Just for fun!

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My first good quality photo!

And you think I have pretty eyes....

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Just a brazilian guy passioned for culture, musics and business. Student, Worker, Son, Brother, Friend, Internationalist, Pacifist, Anti-War, Christian! That's


June 5, 2007