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Number one?

Yes... Bro Van Ness' show hit Number One, yet he's remaining humble..

God has been teaching me about humility too, especially being in an upfront ministry.... pride loves to set in, but God has His way!

So much more do we need to realise the GRACE and SACRIFICE of God in our lives... that pride should never try to reign in our lives.

Read more at my blog at www.feedhissheep.blogspot.com

Hope to see you there. :)

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it's not my first

I probably haven't been around long enough somehow I've been asked to publish a blog entry.

Erm.. thenwhat happened to my previous ones?

Although this isn't my main blog, I'll just pen down a few... just to show i'm not inactive! To who? To the eyes of those who may stumble across... and find something interesting within!

I'm playing this game of waiting and trusting. Having a hope and goal, yet trusting God to take me there. People think may think I'm crazy to have such an aspiration....Read more

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Rising Up

After a little less than 2 years - I'm moving up to the Call.

Check out more on http://feedhissheep.blogspot.com

Take care.

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Oceania Convention 2009 - Empower - By His Spirit

I've just came back from the Transfiguration.

How I wished to remain up on the mountain top but that's not what Jesus did. Conventions are great and retreats are awesome, but taking that and being filled with God's Spirit up 'there' will mean taking that glory back down the valley with us - to be the salt and light in the world.

God's tangible Presence was so strong in OC - so was the devil. But one thing we knew for sure, was that God's Presence was making the devi...Read more

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i was told to post a new entry

so why not?

what should I type? this ain't my primary blog... i'll once again lead to you


how would ya feel if someone came up to you and said, "if you were a guy, i'd fall in love with you."

oh man... not a very cool thing to hear... :(

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God is Good

To seize hold of every opportunity to spread His Love.

To be ready whenever asked.

To be one after His heart.

For He must increase, and I must decrease.

May you check out my blog!


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MOVE YOUR BODY WHEN YOU STILL CAN! -Street basketball, Kung Fu, Dance and Drama- Whatever it is, use it for the Lord. :)

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