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2h ICE+ 13h flight to Shanghai + 1h U-bahn + ticket of Theater

and then

1h U-bahn + 13h filght to Frankfurt + 2h ICE home

for the moment I have wait for years

but after all it would looks silly. I am not gonna fly all the way for a view or a photo or my fantasy.

after all these years still got this silly idea, one day...

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free music Cool Website

my favourite playist is Deftones, UNKLE, Linkin Park, Maksim

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2009 X-mas






Schloss Rheinfall



See, I've told u, that I will take you travelling around in Euroupe, but you never show up.

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AugustusSchloss, the first time I go inside a european palace, it's gorgeous!

in front of the palace is a large corridors-formed grasssquare with an funtain

wondering along the river Rhein, golden leaves covering everywhere

in Gernan it's not rare the find out that a Palace is now used as a University

the second Palace I visited is

Friedrich- Williams- Bonn- University, it is located in the old city near the Rhein river

at Beethoven's former residence, I bought several postcards of Moonlightsonate and Muss es sein? Es muss sein. My friends bought a little music box of "Moonlightsonate" or" For Alice"

the third Palace is Poppelschloss, it turn out to be University Bonn. the garten of the palace is now turns into the biggest arboretum of NRW.

Fall is a season worth travelling around. cuz it set the world on fire.

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Windmill along the river

stamps of famous painting by Van Gogh

the only one factory which owns the technik to cut the diamond into 121 side

Amsterdam is city build on sea, nowdays is covered with a lot of canal, e.g.KING canal, PRINCE canal, Gentleman canal.  the picture below shows a chirch in the a red-light district.

touring around the oud city in a ship called LOVER, still I can sense the style of pirates

when the night falls, lights on, feel like the city are floating on the see, or on the picture of Van Gohl

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travelling with some friends but without you, something nice but can't share, something sweet but just moved myself. I wonder what r u doning now, I know u will not show up at the next corner I turn.

After raining falls the sunshine, shining over the river, touching the cool wind, u are not by my side.

gift store over the river, the saturday markt square, railway station, city hall

anciend church with great organ and a mysterious basement

nice bars strange food " Wiecks staofvleis met proeme" (Duchesse de Bourgogne)

symphony orchestra playing outside the church, but the melody sounds like popmusic

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@ Germany

Now I am in Germany

in the past few days, I've been to Belgien and Holland. cuz I live in Aachen-- Dreilandpunk @-@


I went to Belgien with my friends to watch a footballgame of the Champions League: Stander Liege VS Arsenal, which end up with 2:3.

last weekend I went to C1000 in Vaals. In Dutsch 'Vaals' means a point where three countries meet together. There I happened to saw a amazing church 'St. Paul', it was the first time that I standing in the chuch surrounding by the music of real organ, feel so pure and holy.

living in europe is like wonderning around in fairy tales. lying on my pink soft bed, touching the sunshine falling on my quilt, feel so comfortable. Such a moment will makes me think of Terence, C-C   Maybe one day Terence will take a trip to europe, and we will meet somewhere, we can make a trip around europe, I have already plan the route Aachen - Amsterdam - Brussels- le Paris - Marokko- Wien- Turin - Mailand - Venedig - Florence - Rome- aegean sea.....haha, but I think that Terence has already been to most of these cities. Then we can travelling the north europe: Hamburg- Denmark (pirate)- Finnland(polar lights)- Norway(skiing) - and maybe sailed to Greeland with the ice-burg alongside like in whatever a film. Well it must be a long long long dream. Like all these famous cities are everyone's dream, Terence is all the girl's dream.

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Aufwiedersehen SH 2009

schoenes Wochenende

2009 shanghai F1

2009 shanghai Messe

mein Fach

mein Uni

once worked as vorlunteer for F1 in Shanghai

Praktikum in IAV


Ich werde in September nach Deutschland studieren.

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fuer dich

考完试在学校顶层 俯视学校前方沿河全景 回想这一学期 从日落到夜幕降临





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