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Interview with Venus Lim


This is Venus Lim signing in. I was born and raised in one of the tropical countries, Malaysia. Currently reside in Singapore as a healthcare provider. A lover of felines, my mother and I keep 15 cats mainly rescued from car accidents, drowning and abuse. Despite popping up regularly at events, I am actually a rather introverted person and a bit shy when it comes to crowds. Being a believer of ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘Education Changes Life’, I spent most of my teenage years eating books. I had little social life back...Read more

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Interview with Federico Chiesa

Federico Chiesa is an accomplished commercial photographer born in Cecina, a small town in Tuscany. After studying in Rome he began his work as a commercial photographer to critical acclaim. He is known for his “Horror Vacui” series which asks the question “What if the most scary horror film icons from the 80′s were alive today?”

Federico, it i...Read more

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The Pursuit of the Raven – An Interview by Rosey Scarlette

“Be inspired by others, choose your mentors. Your mind can give you anyone in the world. Read and breathe wisdom, take notes and apply something you’ve learned into your daily life.”

“Position yourself to where the business is”.

 “Allow everyone to dream abundantly, and to inspirea mental default of a King”.

Read more

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Interview with Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson is a russian artist living in the Ukraine. She speaks several languages including Russian, Ukranian, English, and Swedish. She is presently attending college and enrolled in Architecture classes.

She did attend art school but dropped out and is basically self taught.

With pink hair and a liking for heavy metal, she was once known on the web as mirukawa a name she invented herself. One time a total stranger walked up to her saying, “It’s you, mirukawa, I saw your art on the web!” which suprised her.Read more

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Interview with Photographer HAL

Name: Photographer HAL

Occupation: Photographer

Location: Japan 

Bathtubs, couples, love and challenge are strong themes throughout this artist’s work with other key elements including individuality, style, communication and intimacy.

Photographer Hal brings complete strangers to his confined, crucible like spaces only to convey his continuing theme of ‘love of the couple’. The initial title Pinky & Killer used a small space or room to captu...Read more

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Interview with Pop Shuvit

Asia’s leading Hip Hop rock band, Pop Shuvit’s unique blend of funky eclectic beats and hard hitting riffs have seen the band take itself from playing underground gigs and high school proms to centrestage on some of Asia’s leading music festivals.

This included being personally invited by multi-platinum selling rockers My Chemical Romance (MCR) as Official Support Act for their Asian Tour in 2007/2008 and headlining the MTV Asia World Stage together with 30 Seconds To Mars in July 2011.

With a career spanning over a ...Read more

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Interview with Yoko Hamasaki of Urbangarde

Urbangarde is best described as a “Trauma techno pop” band based in Tokyo.

Descrīption from their profile:

Urbangarde is “Trauma techno pop” band that acts in Tokyo of the 21st century.

A jazzy piano, a heavy metal style guitar, and a man and woman twin vocal are pop and a popping unique sound is diseased pop in the electronic sound of which it goes mad.

It is a girlie by the pain.

Read more

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Interview with Rie Miyazaki

Rie Miyazaki is an accomplished bassist who has played with bands such as Marble Sheep, Heavy Metal Glue, Mammal Machine and The Barretts.

Tell me about your musical upbringing. Were you exposed to lots of different styles of music from an early age?

Like many children, I just listened to the music from TV during my childhood. Most of t...Read more

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Interview with Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen is a Chinese actress living in Japan. She is a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy. Remarkably, her first role came in the 2006 movie “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles” directed by the great film director Zhang Yimou. It was a big chance for her and one that does not come around often. She would be acting alongside Japanese star Takakura Ken. She went to audition and was chosen out of over 20,000 applicants. She became the focus of the Chinese Media at the time and was only a second year college student.

It was ...Read more

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Interview with Azumi Kuwadate of Bespa Kumamero

BESPA KUMAMERO was formed in 2001 with Azumi Kuwadate on vocals and Monkichi Irikura on keyboard and programming.

The group held many concerts in Japan and, in 2006, became popular outside the country. Information about BESPA KUMAMERO began appearing in different magazines and mass-media in Germany, England, France, Russia, the USA and Hungary. In 2007 the band toured the UK with six dates, marking the start of their activity in Europe.

The first full-length album, Romantic waves, was released o...Read more

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